The Golden Life Of Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua was born from a Chinese heritage and raised in the Philippines. After attending college in Manila, he started in business as an executive with Gano Excel. He excelled quickly, and the company expanded to Hong Kong, Canada and the United States. Chua relocated to California and became president of the US branch of the company.

Gano Excel market products like instant coffee, tea and capsules. One ingredient used in these products is proclaimed to help remove excess cholesterol and toxins from the body. Other amazing claims are that their product affects diabetes, gout and psoriasis in positive ways. The ingredient promoted to cause the healing effects is ganoderma, which comes from a mushroom that is found growing on logs.

Bernardo Chua founded his own company in 2008, Organo Gold, which sells healthy bio-active coffees. In 2015, the company rebranded to simply Organo, but they continue to sell the same consumables. Chua continues to fund research for ganoderma and educate on it’s benefits. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

At the forefront of business for the Pacific Rim, Bernardo Chua has received many business awards, and also recognized as a top direct selling company. Direct selling is the primary mission of Bernardo Chua’s business model. After just five years of existing on the market, Organo Gold became the 55th largest Direct Selling company in the world, with operations in over 30 countries.

How does it stretch around the world so quickly, but in an exclusive way? The ability for individuals to be independent distributors. In that direct sales model, an individual can make 50% or more in commissions. This opens opportunities for many within a variety of communities.

Stay at home moms, students, or those struggling to find employment are given the chance to have their own business. This type of symbiotic relationship benefits the company for growth around the world, while giving individuals financial chances as well.

Bernardo Chua’s beginnings helped start him on a path that would lead him to world wide success. What a golden like Mr. Chua has had so far.