CloudWick Digital Services

Founded in 2011 by Maninder Chabra. CloudWick has been a successful digital firm that engages in the provision of data and solution services to its clients. The company is based in the United States, California. The company has built its portfolio over the years and has had a good reputation.

Part of the company’s portfolio is bimodal business transformation whose function is to mainly assist users in getting revenue as well as competitive advantage, CloudWick one as well as CDAP that manages and stores events from the net flow, sylog, proxy as well as firewall logs. On the other hand, CloudWick one has the role of offering customer insights alongside business intelligence to its customers.

In 2017, the company launched a security analytics product at a company called Black Hat USA. Black Hat claimed that the product could ingest close to a hundred million events per second of telemetry data, inclusive of the network packets, logs, and alerts.

Telemetry data is defined as an automated communication process where information is collected remotely or through inaccessible points, and then it is disbursed to the receiver so that it is monitored. According to CloudWick, the product is classified as a cyber-data lake (CDL) because it is a converged system that consists of software that is integrated with nature.

The outcome could also be positioned on the Amazon Web Services as a virtual appliance so that it can connect the cloud with the data-center gadget. The company’s CEO, Mark Schreiber, mentioned that this product is an elevation since most high performing products can only handle 500000 events per second. The product uses range from risk vulnerability management, t securing of the cloud, as well as incident investigation and response.

Besides partnering up with Amazon Web Services, the company has partnered with other digital organizations, and the result was the development of the platform. Some of the organizations include Bricata, Protectwise, Solarflare, and Log Trust among others. The company has been asking for patent rights to some of the software that was developed through the partnership. Intel was the chief financier during software development. The platform, however, began operating about two years ago, and Intel has been making moves in search of which among the partnering companies should become its technology power security developer.