Richard Liu Quiangdong ( Richard Liu) Who is he?!

Some people may have heard the name, some people may even seen him in social media. But inquiring minds still want to know who is this guy? Richard Liu Qiangdong or known just as Richard Liu, He is a successful entrepreneur in China. He is not only the founder for ( Jingdong Mall), but the Chairman and CEO. It has been said that his business is compared to Amazon. He is also considered one of the leading e-commerce industry leaders in China. After Graduating college, two years later richard Liu Qiangdong ( Richard Liu) started his own business Jingdong.

It was located in the Zhongguancun High tech Industrial Park, which is stationed in Beijing selling electronics. Business was a success, so successful he was able open 12 stores by the year 2003, he started the business in 1998. Overcoming the SARS outbreak, Richard Liu Qiangdong changed his strategic plan, he decided to migrate from selling electronics to just selling large number of different variety of goods. Richard Liu started the process of doing online selling and face to- face selling, until completely transitioning to full online, this was going between year 2003-2004. What separated Ricahrd Liu Qiangdong online business from everyone else, is that he did not believe in selling counterfeit goods. Getting the products was a process because of low funds.

It took about 6 years to finally have all products that were in demand. As of now, the company has made over 60 million dollars and now employed about one hundred and sixty thousand employees. Richard Liu’s company also has stocks as well. Most would think that this company only caters to China, but Richard Liu Qiangdong company actually caters to everyone around the world. Richard Liu admits that it may take a little more time to receive deliver versus someone in China, but the product is genuine. The company also outsources the logistics to third party courier services. In a interview, Richard Liu Qiangdong once said he looks at being one of the wealthiest people in China, as not a being a ” better than anyone” thing or a curse, but more of a responsibility.

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