How Businessman Eric Lefkofsky contributes to Cancer Research

If you’re unfamiliar with Eric Lefkofsky, he is a successful entrepreneur and the Co-founder of Groupon, an e-commerce marketplace, predicated on connecting subscribers with a variety of merchants in over 28 countries. Additionally, Lefkofsky Co-founded several other businesses including Echo Global Logistics, Media Ocean, and Innerworkings; these various companies have generated over $1.79 billion in revenue for the American businessman, who has been regarded as one of the most successful in the e-commerce sector.

Although Eric’s focus is tethered to the business world, he is also very interested in the medical industry; in fact, in 2015, he founded Tempus, a business based on bridging technology and medicine. According to Lefkofsky, Tempus allows physicians to archive an infinite amount of patient data into genomic cancer libraries, which in turn, allows them to compare DNA information from a host of patients. These comparisons could potentially help physicians provide treatment options, that have been proven effective, based on genetic profiles, to patients diagnosed with similar types of cancer. What does this mean in layman’s terms? Once a particular course of treatment has been proven effective, physicians will be able to prescribe those same treatments to new patients, who have been diagnosed with the same illnesses.

Eric Lefkofsky has been lauded for his business acumen, but he is also quite the humanitarian; in 2006, he founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which aims to support educational organizations around the globe. The support is provided to these organizations in the form of financial and scientific contributions; in fact, the organization has already donated over $1 million to Northwestern University, which will benefit the university’s Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has also donated $500,000 to Stanford University to help support their gastric cancer research. So far, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation has helped upwards of 50 organizations through its charitable work.

In addition to all of his business achievements, and contributions to medicine, Lefkofsky is also heavily involved in his community; he is on the board of directors for several organizations including the Museum of Science and Industry, the Art Institue of Chicago, and Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital.