Cassio Audi Musician of The 80s


Although Cassio Audi is now a reputable investment manager, he was doing something different in the 80s. As stated in this article, Cassio Audi was a founding member of the 80s band called Viper. He was with the band as a drummer from 1985 to 1989. Although the band was beginning to gain repute and renown, Cassio Audi left in 1989. It is a shame since he was not involved in the recording of their next album which was more of a success. He went to university, the rest is history.

Cassio Audi went to ‘Pontifical Catholic University in Sao Paulo’, where he graduated in 1994 with a bachelor’s degree in ‘business administration’. Years later he got a master’s degree from ‘The State University’.


The band was quite loved by fans who did not hesitate to rate it highly. The fans were happy with the vocals and the musical lyrics of the songs the band released. They also praised the individual singers for their prowess in their individual fields.


The members of the band were Pit Passarell, Andre Machado, Felipe Machado, Cassio Audi and Yves Passarell. They were Brazilian in their teenage years guided by Iron Maiden as well as upcoming British heavy metal. Audi played the drums well and was tipped at being a force to reckon with had he carried on with this career.


Cassio Audi and Viper (see Wikipedia) recorded their ‘first demo album in 1985’. The demo album was titled, ‘The Killer Sword’. Cassio played drums in the songs like, ‘The Princess from Hell’, ‘Signs of the Night’, ‘The Killera Sword’ and Projecto SP Metal. Later the band recorded their ‘first album’ called ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’. This album, ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’ was rated highly on ‘All music’ which earned it 4 stars.

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