Eco-Friendly Vacation Destinations

Wild Ark is a company who’s mission is securing different parts of identified green belts all around the world. This is done to ensure that the rich biodiversities of these areas are protected so that the wildlife will in turn be conserved. While doing this, Wild Ark also strives to create more opportunities for research and different experiences so that people have the opportunity to reconnect with all things nature and to gain inspiration in helping to protect it.


As many people start planning their vacations for the year and the warm getaways for during the cold months of winter, something to think about is whether we, as tourists, are having an impact on other cultures and if consumers are consuming all of the resources of these cultures. Sometimes it can be difficult for travelers to know whether they are helping the economy grow or if they are just furthering the bad outcomes. But luckily, this article is here to help! The countries listed are working hard to protect the environment by reducing the carbon footprint that is left as well as contributing to the climate change.


  1. First on the list is Cabo Verde. This country is working hard to build the connections between developments in rural areas, the alleviation of poverty and also their economic growth.
  2. Chile is very focused on protecting the environment and has recently approved a carbon tax in South America.
  3. Dominica recently has launched a project to help reduce the consumption of energy in different business sectors to help build a more green economy.
  4. Lithuania has a goal of 23 percent of renewable energy use by the time 2020 is here.
  5. Mauritius has a lot of biodiversity and recently started a campaign to plant as many as 200,000 trees.


If looking for a new travel destination, think about traveling to one of these countries to help support their move to being more eco-friendly. Even go as far as staying at an eco-friendly hotel or resort to make sure there is no contribution to things that are less eco-friendly! Find locations to fish, visit farmer’s markets in the area and walk as much as possible!


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