A Busy Mind at Work

Mike Heiligenstein has a mind developed for engineering. Congestion has been an Austin area problem for quite some time. Being able to manage such a task can be a mind boggling experience. But with skill, patience and much needed hard work, it will get done.

As Executive Directer of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA), he always has a new challenge at hand in and around the Austin area. Mike has been using his expertise to better the traffic conditions in this area since 2003. He also has nearly 30+ years in the infrastructure industry.

He explains how toll roads are better than just state or county funded. The express lane is a great tool for those needing a faster trip. Cheap enough for anyone to use. Pricey enough to where most won’t want to all the time. The express lane allows drivers to pay a little fee to bypass ares with a higher traffic density. Charging by the car and not the head count will give people the option to car pool. This will save people more money. It will also reduce pollution and help control smog.

These toll roads are also to better designed for the future and everyday use of smart cars. Giving them a better quality of road to drive on. This will help the public during the transition to smart cars. These roads help boost their popularity and production. With trustworthy roads you get more buyers. All this combined creates, safer roads, a cleaner environment, and boost the economy.

Texas sure did luck out getting Mike Heiligenstein, a University of Texas graduate. Study shows that express lanes are helping traffic flow problems. His innovated techniques sure seem to be working. Some projects are finishing up and others are just starting. The CTRMA consistently has multiple projects in action at any given time. Now we all know that everyday we are closer to highly superior roadways. More time and money will be saved. A lot more lives will be saved too!

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