Jason Hope and the Internet of Things are Here to Stay

For the past several years there has been one focused voice espousing the ideals of the Internet of Things — Jason Hope. Jason Hope is a noted futurist, writer, entrepreneur, and tech investor. For years now Hope has specialized in making sure that his voice was heard in guiding people toward the next big tech ventures around. As we said above, Hope’s new focus seems to be primarily directed toward that of the Internet of Things. If you haven’t yet heard of the Internet of Things then get comfortable because it is a big concept that will look to fundamentally change the way we live our lives.

The Internet of Things, when you break it right down, refers to the collection of smart technology that is interfacing with the internet in order to improve upon our every day lives. The Internet of Things doesn’t refer to a singular piece of smart tech and rather it comments on the entire industry that is growing within it. Think already how fitness companies are creating shoes that monitor your steps, cars that automatically get you to where you are going, and kitchen appliances that handle all of the workload for you. While we don’t think that wea re going to be living in ‘The Jetsons’, Jason Hope certainly believes that there is a huge change coming in the future.

In fact, Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things is going to be the biggest industry that has ever existed. The Internet of Things can fundamentally change the way we live our lives and Hope thinks that companies would serve well to get on board ahead of time. Jason Hope has made a career out of projecting the biggest changes and shifts in the technology industry and if he is right then we could be looking at another one.

Jason Hope has long since established himself as a reliable source for the tech world. His work as an entrepreneur and an advocate at the SENS Foundation has been hugely important to the tech world. We expect to continually see big things coming from him in the future.

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Jason Hope Sees Sharp Changes In Future

Futurist Jason Hope has a strong fixation on the Internet of Things. After successfully predicting that IoT was here to stay in 2015, people are starting to take note of what he has to say about IoT. Currently, IoT largely takes place in the form of data collection and sharing in common household devices such as televisions. According to Jason Hope, this is only a hint of the true potential of where the Internet of Things will take us.

The Future Of Driving

IoT, according to Jason Hope, is going to change the way we drive. Thanks to a combination of self driving cars, mobile devices, and other technologies combining together we will see IoT take care of driving for us. Our cars will collect data to understand how to navigate traffic and take us to our destinations, but that data may come from a number of places. Our phones may provide our cars with our preferred locations and how to reach those preferred locations. Creating the synergy between devices will take center stage in the software industry as more developers search for ways to expand the use of IoT

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The Tech Industry Changes

As IoT matures, the tech industry will change the direction of development. Right now, the most important thing in software development is the creation of new apps and sending them to market.

However, in the future software developers may find themselves seeking out ways to connect existing apps to take advantage of IoT software. For instance, a driving service may use your phone to connect to your car, and from that point on the app will deliver instructions to the car to tell the car exactly where your final destination is.

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Finally A Cure For Aging

Beyond the Internet of Things, Hope is a major investor in anti-aging technology. He believes the Strategies for Engineering Negligible Senescence Institute will find the key breakthroughs needed to defeat aging.

From his perspective, aging is simply another disease and all we need to do is find a cure for it. The SENS Research Foundation goals are often met with skepticism, but actual progress in the fight against aging takes place there. SENS researchers have found ways to lengthen telomeres, discovered key factors in aging, and are on their way to developing anti-aging procedures. For Jason Hope, those treatments can’t come soon enough.

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