While The Medical Community Waits, The Lung Institute Moves Forward With Stem Cell Therapy

The scientific world is buzzing with excitement now that researchers have shown that stem cell therapy improves lung function in mice. Headlines scream that new treatment options may soon be available for COPD patients, yet people have already had stem cell therapy performed successfully. Although news articles on cedars-sinai.edu promise a bright future for people with lung diseases, none of the articles mention that individuals can choose stem cell therapy in the United States today, if they are eligible. This is a disservice to individuals with chronic lung diseases who have a right to know all of their options.

The Lung Institute, with locations in Tampa, Nashville, Scottsdale, Pittsburgh and Dallas treats a range of chronic lung diseases, such as COPD, https://lunginstitute.com/lung-diseases/copd/, with stem cell therapy. Using a person’s own stem cells, the Lung Institute offers a minimally invasive treatment that not only reduces the symptoms of lung disease; it may halt the progression of the disease.

Independent reviews of the Lung Institute have determined that while stem cell therapy is not effective for everyone, it does appear to produce positive results in large numbers of people. When individuals contact the Lung Institute, they are assigned to a patient coordinator who walks them through the process, starting with a free consultation to determine if the individual is a good candidate for stem cell therapy.

Considering the Lung Institute has more than 59,000 likes and more than 59,000 followers on Facebook, people are interested in stem cell therapy options for themselves or for their loved ones with a chronic lung disease.

Visit the website at lunginstitute.com.