How The New Recycling Facility Benefits The Community Around Orange Coast College

As one of the largest colleges in Orange County, California, Orange Coast College brings a number of benefits to the community in which it operates. Among these is serving as a place for people to recycle a large number of materials. They recently finished the construction of a new recycling facility which will help the community and the environment even more than it has in the past.

The new recycling facility took construction crews almost a year and a half to complete and cost over $7 million. It is located on five acres and offers much more parking than the older facility did that it replaced. Orange Coast College has been offering recycling services for over 40 years but its older facility was much smaller than the new one is. Other improvements include showers and offices for the staff as well as a meeting area and other rooms that can be used as needed in the future.

The new Orange Cost College recycling facility can accept a broad range of recyclable products and materials. This includes aluminum cans, glass containers, old appliances, metal scraps, and plastic containers depending on what type they are. They also accept paper products whether they are magazines, cardboard, or the like. Some materials that can be recycled the person dropping it off can be compensated for, such as HDPE plastic.

Orange Coast College was established in 1947. It now has over 25,000 students in attendance each semester. It is located in the city of Costa Mesa and there are beaches on the Pacific that can be reached in minutes from the campus. They offer over 135 different academic and career programs, up to two years in length. Many students end up graduating from this college and then attending a four-year university in order to complete their educations.

As an accredited school by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Orange Coast College offers classes throughout the year. They have the distinction of raking first out of all of the colleges in Orange County whose students go on to transfer to four-year programs at California State University and the University of California. Learn more: