Darius Fisher is Awarded for his Integrity

In recent news, the leader of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, has been awarded a high honor for not only co-founding the business, but for also offering excellent and expert PR strategies and marketing solutions to clients located all over the world. This individual is names Darius Fisher and has been officially given the Business Development Individual of the Year award of 2016. This award is a prestigious honor that recognized Status Labs as being the top company to go to for reputation management. As companies become more and more reliant on technology and the internet, it has become a beneficial tactic for any company to invest in solutions to resolve and to prevent negative content from ruining a business. Status Labs not only can eliminate negative content off of the first few pages of the search, but can also create a unique plan for the client to prevent any other negative content from surfacing.

As the founder of a successful online reputation management firm, Darius Fisher has continued to work hard to not only inspire his employees to do the same, but to also show clients that this company has the best and most unique solutions to any problem there is. Darius Fisher and his hardworking employees have showed and demonstrated their work numerous times and have procured over 1,500 clients that are located in 35 different countries all over the world. Each one of these clients has remained loyal to Status Labs which speaks volumes for the quality of the services that are provided.

As a leader, Darius Fisher has worked hard to create a bond of trust among his peers and to provide incentive and creativity initiatives to get the job done quickly and efficiently. This means that the goal of the each client becomes the goal of Status Labs which is to increase revenue as well as the number of customers.



Proves Their Worth By Repairing Their Own Reputation

Status Lab is a digital online reputation firm that specializes in helping people and companies repair their image in times of crisis or maintain a good image. Based in Austin, founder of Status Labs, Darius Fisher is often referred to as a whiz kid due to the international success the company has achieved within a reasonably small amount of time.

Given this, the company found itself in a perilous situation when it suffered it’s own reputation crisis due to the actions made by a former executive of the company. The local news broke a small story about a few actions that this executive made and soon it snowballed into a story that could have ruined the reputation of Status Labs.

However, Status Labs is much more than the one executive they quickly dismissed, and given the fact that they have over a 1,000 clients that they have successfully helped Fisher knew what to do quickly. It turns out the company knew how to practice what they preach.

Status Labs has built their business model based on the principle that a change in behavior is essential in order for a change in reputation to occur, so that is what they did in this situation. They started by changing the leadership in the company. The executive that started the crisis was forced to resign ad then their PR team gave this news to the media along with an open letter. They also attached a team photo to the press release in order to show real human faces behind their company name.

Second, Status Labs took a step back and realized that they did not engage enough with the local community of Austin they worked within. This made it simple for the news to become negative, so they quickly turned this around by spending the last year working with a dozen different local charities. Not only did it show that they are team that cares about the community, but it also ultimately helped to rebuild team morale.

According to O’Dwyer PR, The company is now back on top of their game and their blooming client list proves that their reputation is once again safe. Plus, who better to help repair a reputation then a company that proves they can do it?

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