End Citizen’s Fight for the protection of the American People under Donald Trump’s Government

End Citizens United is a money-in-politics organization that seeks to terminate the influence of rich icons on American politics. In mid may, major media houses around the world featured news about the firing of FBI director James Comey by President Donald Trump. Alongside the similar-minded group, Every Voice, End Citizen is set to instigate senators to investigate Donald Trump’s election into office, citing a possibility of Russia’s interference in the election’s final results. They have launched an Independent Investigation Now campaign which airs ads in media houses and sets off support from the grassroots.


So far, the senators set to be contacted to support the campaign are Steve Daines, Jeff Flake, Dean Heller, Ron Johnson, Ron Porman, Pat Toomey, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. Additionally, the organizations have an aim of prompting citizens to reach their Senators for the same by creating a Call Your Senator campaign. The executive director and president of End Citizen stated that Americans have every right to understand the intricacies of the security status of their nation. Tiffany Muller added that it is prudent that the Congress sets up a commission to executive an independent investigation immediately. The CEO and president of Every Voice pointed out that getting senators to oversee an independent investigation of Russia’s role in the 2016 elections will give Americans closure about their future with the current president.


At the beginning of 2017, End Citizen United organized a donation event that saw 40,000 new people contribute to the collected $4 million. The donation followed a campaign to support Jon Ossoff, a Democrat candidate in Georgia. The PAC’s supporters believe that the current Republican president earned his position through rigging and have a determination to support transparent political movements in future. Speculations by a former political director in the Democratic Party indicate that the group has the intent of backing Jon Tester and Sherrod Brown in the 2018 political endeavors of Montana.


The spokesman of End Citizen United, Adam Bozzi, pointed out that the foundation has formidable relationships with other groups on the same course. One instance of the cooperation between End Citizens United and these group include the campaign that urged Republican senators not to vote for Betsy DeVos as Donald Trump’s education secretary.


End Citizen began operating to negate the Supreme Court’s decision to allow unions and organizations to donate to Super PACS. End Citizen United believes that rich individuals and foundations have the potential to sway the political climate of the country with humungous donations. Consequentially, the organization does not accept contributions that exceed 5000 from a single donor. Despite this self-imposed limit, End Citizen United ranked among the top donors supporting the Democratic Party in the 2016 political campaigns.

Socialism for the Betterment of the World: Thor Halvorssen

Socialism is the political and economic theory of social organization that believe that the means of production, distribution, and exchange of a product should be owned and regulated by the community as a whole and not by a minority few or one body or person. According to Halvorssen, a human rights activist and a believer in freedom and equal rights for all individuals, socialism has many sides by which it can be looked at such as historical, academic or policies from other countries which can be socialist. It all depends on and comes down to the government of the day and the leaders governing the given country.

Thor Halvorssen is an activist, of human rights and the president of Human Rights Foundation and also the patriarch of the Oslo Freedom Forum. His belief in everybody having fundamental rights and freedom is deeply rooted. Having experienced this first hand, from his father who was a political prisoner for his believe and fight for people to have freedom and not be oppressed, to his mother having been shot dead for the same belief and his first cousin is a prisoner at Venezuela, his stands on issues to deal with human rights become more clearer and stronger.

He believes that socialism is not evil, but if used by the wrong hands, masking under this policy, they may take advantage and use this to destroy the economy of a country and the nation itself, by looting and having resources misused. This can be done by the parties involved setting various prices for commodities only because they want and have the capability to set them as they want. As a result of this, there is massive shortage of the product at this moment bringing a humanitarian crisis.

A nation that redistributes wealth will not help much in eradicating poverty. Poverty can be dealt with by a government being able to provide more money for the citizens of the country and there being enough, hence dealing with debt. The human rights activist believes that Senator Bernie Sanders has a good view of socialism and would support him and his moves than others in the party.

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