Dr. Jennifer Walden: Cosmetic Surgery For Today

Dr. Jennifer Walden moved back to Austin, Texas with her sons to not only be close to her family but to make a difference in the lives of Texans. She opened up her practice with the ability to perform a wide range of procedures that some plastic surgeons could only dream of doing. As one of the few women who performs these cosmetic procedures, Dr. Walden has made her mark because of the extensive amount of laser and cosmetic surgeries she performed for her clients. No wonder she is considered the top doctor in Austin, Texas.

One of the procedures that Dr. Walden performs is hair transplant surgery. She can also do microneedling. She is the first doctor to do this transplant in Texas. The graft itself is a device used to enhance the speed of how the transplant is done. It also counts and protects the grafts until it’s time to implant them. There are well over 50 million people that suffer from hair loss. This procedure gives them hope of having a thicker and full head of hair. Dr. Walden performs this transplant regularly and the results as amazing. You will walk away feeling vibrant and young because of your new found full head of hair.

The other procedure that Dr. Walden performs is microneedling. This is done with platelet rich plasma therapy. Basically, it’s a none surgical procedure for the stimulation of hair growth. She uses the patient’s own blood to achieve a fuller look. The therapy reverses the hair loss and causes it to be fuller and thicker. Just so you know this procedure does not regrow the hair. Does it work? Well it’s still being tested. Dr. Walden does this at her office. Her patients will gladly let her know if the procedure works.

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Doctor Jennifer Walden Surpassing Reviews in Style

Most people don’t think about plastic surgery. However, if they decide to go with the idea of plastic surgery, they want to make sure their surgeon is competent and knows what they are doing. Dr. Jennifer Walden is exactly the kind of specialist people are looking for. Plastic surgery is a choice people have to live with for a long time and whether it is necessary or a purely cosmetic requirement, it involves a recovery period. It is important for Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews to let people know they are in good hands. She cares about each patient and wants to improve their quality of life through her work.

Her work is not only in plastic surgery but also in academia. She started her career in Manhattan, but now she has a private practice in Texas where they offer plastic surgery as well as ambulatory surgery. She calls Austin her home and is not just a surgeon, but also a businesswoman, an author, and a mom.

It is not a very popular choice of career among female doctors, and Dr. Jennifer Walden understands that it is quite of a bold choice to make. Her passion is her primary driver. She knows the feelings her patients have based on the life experience and the professional experience she has, and it is an important aspect of her profession. She believes that as a woman she understands her women patients better than she would if her professional title would be something else. Dr. Walden on Wikipedia.

Dr. Jennifer Walden understands the importance of self-esteem.


Jennifer Lee Walden Offers Excellent Cosmetic Surgery Options

Plastic surgery is a mainstay in American medical circles today. Many people get plastic surgery to liven up their appearance, or even fix something that has happened that was a major problem in their life. Most consider it an art form at best for those that elect to receive it. Others used it to make their life quality far better. When the time comes, they must find a plastic surgeon that is able to do the work safely and achieve that at the level of quality work. One of those artists within the plastic surgery world is Jennifer Lee Walden.

Jennifer Lee Walden is one of the best plastic surgeons in Austin, Texas for one of many areas of specialty. Having won the award as Harper Bazaar’s Best Beauty Surgeons back in 2014. For those that are interested in knowing even more about this amazing woman, here is some background about her and her life.

She began as a dentist’s daughter and her mother was a surgical nurse. She attended the University of Texas where she studied Biology. Her first job was at Manhattan’s Ear, Eye and Throat Hospital. That is where she won her award from Harper’s Bazaar.

She was featured as a speaker about plastic surgery tips and developments on ABC news, and then on Fox News as well. Her advice is well respected in the field of plastic surgery as well. This has led to her being published for some editorials that she authored. Some of those publications have led her to receive some very prestigious awards.

She also led the path that ended bringing silicone breast implants being reintroduced. As the spokeswoman for ASAPS, she was named as the Best Plastic Surgeon in America today. This was also in 2014 when she reintroduced the silicone breast implants.

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