Editors Call Out for Administrators to Solve Site Harassment Issues


Social media harassment is inevitably everywhere including Wikipedia. Tech.Mic reports that a recent email published in one of the web encyclopedia portrayed some of challenges editors experience while navigating their way into the social spaces online and why site administrators should come up with a solution to ensure a safer browsing and Wiki edits community.


The editors claimed of having been attacked and “called names” while he volunteered to edit something that he thought was meaningful. To his surprise, he was accused of being site obsessive and constantly lectured on policy adherence which he thought he did. As the editor wrote to Wikimedia email, (Wikimedia is Wikipedia parent’s organization) as he disagreed with the Wikipedia editors he was finally block from the site. The editors expressed his disappointment claiming that after spending hours researching for an article that he required, the resources or rather the material that he used as a reference was ripped away.


Even though it’s difficult to prove the validity of the editor’s claim and complaints, his pain appear to have struck the chord of a couple of other editors who piped up to say that they had similarly experienced the same obstruction on their editing platforms.


And as Tech.Mic reports, the bulk of online harassment mainly occur on social media networks including Facebook and Twitter. However, it can also occur on large scale crowded sites where important social elements are serving as pointless grounds of abuse.


Civility in Wikipedia however, is among the five principles governing the activities of the site. Though it can be challenging to enforce good behaviors on an online site, the company maintains communication between users, contributors and editors to ensure that it can respond to issues like the one concerning the recent editors in a convenient and prompt manner. The details to these information can be accessed here. Wikipedia publishers are on the forefront to ensure that they provide support to other community members who utilize the resource on a routine basis.


According to a statement by a Wikimedia spokesman, Wikipedia editors are entrusted to safeguard the wellbeing of the site’s project users on a 24/7 rotation basis to ensure so that they reply feedbacks relating to emergency, threat or any other form of civility. Everyone can also make any Wikipedia revision so long as they provide reputable sourced references, formatted academically and appropriately in accordance to stipulated rules and regulations.


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