Searching For a Lawyer Online Made Easy

Everyone needs the services of a lawyer sometime or the other. It could be with regards to something as a serious as a criminal matter and a child custody issue, or it could be more mundane like help required with writing a will or resolving a landlord-tenant dispute.


This is as true of New Yorkers as it is for people in cities and towns across the country. However the former have an ace up their sleeves in the shape of The New York State Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service’s (LRIS) new initiative-an online portal that caters to the needs of individuals seeking the services of an attorney. Accessible through the website this service is confidential and available round the clock. Of course one retains the option to continue to use LRIS telephone service.


This is the quickest and surest way for you to find the lawyer that best suits your requirements, what with the technical inputs having been provided by a national provider of marketplace and referral management technology geared to meet the needs of the legal industry. Whatever may be the reason for you to seek the services of a lawyer is the website to consult.


Among the many exemplary law firms listed are Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, where Partner Jeremy Goldstein, brings his top-rated academic qualification, as well as many years of experience to the fore to help obtain the best results for the firm’s clients. It is due to his expertise that the company has earned a formidable reputation as a boutique law firm specializing in providing counsel to compensation committees, CEO’s as well as management teams in matters about executive compensation.

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