NewsWatch TV development and its review on how it boosted sales for Saygus

NewsWatch TV is a TV program that airs at 0700hrs on Monday on all Ion Televisions associates, on AMC network and some independent syndicated local stations. NewsWatch focuses on entertainment, technology, and consumer, precisely consumer news, mobile app reviews, celebrity interviews, and government and medical news, and any public service announcements. NewsWatch features interviews like the on-location satellite media tour (SMT), a national non-profit awareness campaign, and the Video News Release (VNRs).

NewsWatch is Washington DC-based show with other offices in VA, Denver, Fairfax, and New York City. It is owned and run by a video production and communication company, Bridge communications. It started airing in March 1990, as a monthly program focusing on financial issues and later expanded its space and started covering a wide range of topics and having the general public interest at hand. NewsWatch features both paid segments and editorial segments that allow companies to market their brands after an approval from the NewsWatch practices and standard team.

NewsWatch is normally hosted by Susan Bridges, Michelle Ison, and Andrew Tropeano who introduces their individual stories and customer related services and product review. One to two minutes in length segments that are self-contained reports normally run between the programs. From April 2011, NewsWatch started focusing on technology market, and in 2012 they began featuring AppWatch.

Saygus, a smartphone manufacturer based in the United States wanted to promote their new line of smartphones, and they appointed NewsWatch TV to generate reviews and air them on national television and social media on their behalf. NewsWatch filmed the segment for the review of the phone during the mobile world congress lunch.

The message provided in the segment by NewsWatch was very professional and straight to the point. The message was great for Saygus since NewsWatch provided the relevant information that the customers would like to hear to drive sales.

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