The Expert, Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus is an expert when it comes to trends and applying different techniques to find market patterns. She is known as a trends specialist. She is a professional in several different fields. Some of her professional expertise includes lifestyle branding and content, team building, design and fashion and leadership.

Ms. Doramus has extensive expertise in researching, documenting and identifying trends in different sectors. She also provides appropriate solutions for various creative and marketing problems. Having work experience in advertorial and creative work, Ms. Doramus has the ability to come up with new and efficient marketing strategies. She is known for coming up with innovative and creative solutions for different problems. Victoria Doramus is currently using her skill and knowledge to help the charity sector. She is discovering new ways to support those in need. She is doing her part in making the world a better place to live in.

Ms. Doramus has had a professional career in the communication and media sectors. She has served in different roles in the industry. These roles are mainly related to content creation, market analysis, creative campaigns, networking, etc. She has gained exceptional skills in project management, budgeting, analysis and recruiting because of working in such fields. In addition to all that, Ms. Doramus has a good understanding of the creative aspect of branding and marketing as well.

Victoria Doramus has skills and knowledge of the financial and logistic aspects of the media industry as well. She started her career at Mindshare. She began working right after graduating and worked as an Assistant Media Planner.

Mindshare is a marketing and global media agency that has its headquarters in the LA. Her job as an Assistant Planner included negotiating and choosing media vendors. She had to make sure that the agency’s media team stayed within its budget.

Victoria Doramus has also served as Peter Berg’s assistant. Peter Berg is a film and television director. Ms. Doramus has experience in working with famous brands as well. Some of these brands include names such as J. Crew and Stila Cosmetics.