A Look Into Bayesian Intelligence Studies Through Anthony Constantinou


Anthony Constantinou is the head lecturer at Queen Mary University in London. His research in Bayesian Intelligence has made large strides towards Bayesian Artificial Intelligence for intelligent decision making and casual discovery. Over the course of his research studies, Anthony Constantinou has collaborated with international organizations as well as respected academics.

Anthony’s global collaborations have often led him to collaborate with several companies that are based on the sports betting industry for sports such as tennis, darts and even football. His research can also be applied to a range of professional fields ranging from games and sports to finance, medicine and even economics.

Anthony Constantinou has published several research papers under his area of study. Key among his publications is Dolores. Dolores is a model that was designed to predict football matches from all around the world. This model was published in the world-wide competition called ‘Machine Learning for Soccer’. In this competition, his model was ranked 2nd. Nevertheless, the winners of the competition based their pi-ratings system on his Dolores model. Refer to This Article for related information.

Other publications under Anthony Constantinou’s belt are titled: value of information analysis for interventional and counterfactual Bayesian networks in forensic medical sciences, risk assessment and risk management of violent reoffending among prisoners and Bayesian networks for unbiased Association Football.

Over the course of his career, Anthony Constantinou has gathered a lot of experience and expertise in his area of study. His long career started as an Associate Consultant at AgenaRisk where he would use Bayesian network technology to solve complex and risky problems. From there, he moved on to become a freelance consultant for rating systems and Bayesian networks. Eventually, he ended up as the head Lecturer for Bayesian Studies at the Queen Mary University of London. Anthony Constantinou graduated from the Queen Mary University with a Ph.D in Bayesian networks for risk assessment, prediction and decision making.


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