Thor Halvorssen Is A Beacon Of Light For Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is the founder and president of the Human Rights Foundation. The non-profit organization fights for those who are being oppressed or mistreated by tyrannical governments and dictators. The organization was created in 2005 and has helped many around the world. Thor Halvorsen is a multinational philanthropist of Venezuelan and Norwegian decent. His grandfather was sent to Venezuela on behalf of the king to be a consult during WWII. His mother was once of the descendants of the first Venezuelan king. Between the two he comes from a family of action and defenders of human rights.

Thor’s family themselves have faced oppression and imprisonment. His father was taken as a political prisoner in Venezuela. Thor himself negotiated his release. His mother was shot and killed by Hugo Chavez’s men. His cousin is currently a political prisoner and he is negotiating with the Venezuelan government to get him released.

Thor works tirelessly with other to help those all over the world. He has traveled the globe to free people from their appalling conditions or to rescue them. He has been beaten and interrogated on occasion but he remains vigilant in his efforts to help others.

Thor Halvorssen is a beacon of light for human rights and even hosts a global human rights festival in Norway every year. The numbers are on the rise with attendance. He is also consulted regularly for television and newspapers regarding unethical practices by governments and dictatorships. He is also a go-to source for opinions on foreign leaders and their deceptive practices when it comes to the treatment of their people. He is considered the most knowledgeable person involved in the human rights movement today. One thing is certain when it comes to Thor Halvorssen, corrupt officials and those that oppress their own people have something to worry about because he is focused entirely on ending their oppressive practices and shining a light on what is going on behind closed doors.

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