Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a successful company that provides an array of energy services to its customer base. Some of the services that they provide include home, protective, wireless and energy services. Stream Energy was founded in the year 2005 and now has expanded to seven states. Some of these states include New Jersey, New York, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. The company is very charitable and has been involved in a number of philanthropic efforts ever since it’s founding. The company makes a lot of revenue from their energy sales, and they use it to offer emergency assistance and provide basic needs to people affected by disasters such as hurricanes.

Dallas Patch

 Stream Energy formed the Stream Care Center that engages in philanthropic efforts that aim at helping people. The Stream Care Center was featured in Dallas Patch for its excellent efforts in social responsibility. Back when Houston was hit by a hurricane, Stream Care Center came to its rescue by providing the people with basic needs and trying to replace that which they had lost in the hurricane. The hurricane caused a lot of damage to homes and made a lot of people harmless. Stream Care funded the whole mission and also provided funds to individuals. In the Dallas area, Stream Care Center works with another charitable organization called hope Supply Company. The Hope Supply Company provides food, school supplies, shelter, education, and clothing to homeless people in Dallas.

 Philanthropic efforts

Stream Energy has been involved in charitable efforts in the community. Their efforts are aimed at providing relief and helping people get back on their feet after calamities. This foundation aims to eradicate poverty and make the world a better place. Some of their efforts include:

  • They have worked with the Operation Once in a Lifetime to help veterans get to a steakhouse in Dallas by providing transportation services.
  • They work alongside the Habitat for Humanity that is responsible for building and repairing homes for free and offering affordable mortgages.

Sheldon Lavin’s Ambition is one to be Admired

Sheldon Lavin is one ambitious individual as he came in as a consultant at the OSI Group a leading world food provider and later came to own shares at the same company. Currently, he is the CEO and chairman of OSI Group a position he has earned through hard work and commitment to his responsibilities.

Under his leadership, the company has expanded to countries like South America, Asia, and Europe which is a considerable achievement. Currently, the group operates in seventeen countries with sixty-five facilities which have as well facilitated the employment of 20,000 workers. In that case, the market has been assured of sustainability in regards to the production of relevant food products. Under the management of Sheldon Lavin, the OSI Group has embraced technology and the innovativeness it brings which has served them well in a competitive market.

Regarding environmentally friendly food production, the company has as well developed and adopted new methods and strategies to fit the market. With the company’s concern about the environment, it has been recognized with the environmental award by the North American Meat Institute. On his part, Sheldon Lavin appreciates that the company gets recognized for such efforts which makes them work within the given guidelines and explore more into the market.

Sheldon Lavin with his dedication and contribution to the OSI Group has as well received recognition from North American Meat Institute where he received Edward C. Jones community service award. He also won the Lifetime Achievement Award from RSM US LLP which recognizes leaders in business who have displayed a longstanding commitment to community participation.

In his position, he is as well a philanthropist which also contributed to him winning this particular award. He has been a vocal participant in charity especially in the areas where the OSI Group operates like in Chicago as well as global communities.

Additionally, he happens to be a member of the board of trustees of a charity organization called McDonald House Charities. His charitable involvement is massive as he has also been a part of foundations such as the Rush University Medical Center, Jewish United Fund, the Evans Scholarship Fund, and United Negro College Fund to mention but a few. In that case, Sheldon Lavin utilizes the same energy in everything he puts his mind to do which makes him productive and admirable. He is as well good at delegating responsibilities to capable individuals which helps him achieve a lot within a short time.

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What you need to know about Anil Chaturvedi

Anil Chaturvedi is a name that is known in the world because of the many achievements in the banking sector. He has successfully helped many banks and financial institutions to achieve great success in their operations because of the experience he has in the field. His significant expertise is working with various banks. Why has Anil Chaturvedi earned respect in the banking sector? Many in the banking sector know that Anil Chaturvedi has a lot of experience in the banking sector and they know all the things he has achieved since he launched his career after school. The employees under him love his dedication because Anil is always committed to ensuring that all employees are treated equally, and they have the best experience in the working environment.

Anil knows without working closely with all employees; he may not achieve the goals of the organization. However, working as a team is the best way to make an organization successful. That is why Anil works hard to ensure that the employees are in a good working environment. When they work in a friendly working environment, they bring their ideas together so that they can know the best way to forge forward. Many banks even internationals ones seek his opinions when they need to solve a particular problem they are facing. They do so because they are aware that his experience and dedication in knowing matters banking is helpful to them.

The financial sector is not easy, and you make the right decisions if you do not understand the trends in the market. Anil knows this, and that is why he has ensured that he has the proper knowledge when it comes to advising financial investors, entrepreneurs and organizations to make the right decisions. He wants them to make wise decisions because he knows how it can be devastating to make the wrong financial decisions. His track record is proven because he has helped many successful clients and he has the social proof of the work he has done in the past.

Anil believes in helping an organization to achieve its goals and missions. That is why he has always left a good name when it comes to the organizations where he has worked. He started by working in India, and after successfully helping banks to attract customers, his popularity went outside India, and he soon went to the United States.