Jason Hope and the Internet of Things are Here to Stay

For the past several years there has been one focused voice espousing the ideals of the Internet of Things — Jason Hope. Jason Hope is a noted futurist, writer, entrepreneur, and tech investor. For years now Hope has specialized in making sure that his voice was heard in guiding people toward the next big tech ventures around. As we said above, Hope’s new focus seems to be primarily directed toward that of the Internet of Things. If you haven’t yet heard of the Internet of Things then get comfortable because it is a big concept that will look to fundamentally change the way we live our lives.

The Internet of Things, when you break it right down, refers to the collection of smart technology that is interfacing with the internet in order to improve upon our every day lives. The Internet of Things doesn’t refer to a singular piece of smart tech and rather it comments on the entire industry that is growing within it. Think already how fitness companies are creating shoes that monitor your steps, cars that automatically get you to where you are going, and kitchen appliances that handle all of the workload for you. While we don’t think that wea re going to be living in ‘The Jetsons’, Jason Hope certainly believes that there is a huge change coming in the future.

In fact, Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things is going to be the biggest industry that has ever existed. The Internet of Things can fundamentally change the way we live our lives and Hope thinks that companies would serve well to get on board ahead of time. Jason Hope has made a career out of projecting the biggest changes and shifts in the technology industry and if he is right then we could be looking at another one.

Jason Hope has long since established himself as a reliable source for the tech world. His work as an entrepreneur and an advocate at the SENS Foundation has been hugely important to the tech world. We expect to continually see big things coming from him in the future.

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Jason Hope-Technology Futurist

Jason Hope is a big supporter of the Internet of Things and is not only an entrepreneur but is a writer and commentator on the newest tech trends. The Internet of Things is technology that makes it possible for devices to sync with one another, such as kitchen appliances, cars, and street lights. According to Hope, the Internet of Things can change the very way that businesses operate and is a huge advancement for technology.

Hope predicts that the Internet of Things will be the biggest investment that many of the world’s corporations will take on. Also according to Jason Hope, smart technology is just more convenient for present day consumers. He believes that large companies will become competitive to provide engaging products for the consumer marker and that the competition will become fierce.

There are many advantages to smart technology. It will eliminate a lot of waste and even make lives safer. Public transportation especially can benefit from smart technology. Smart technology will improve road conditions, reduce pollution, and potentially increase traffic accidents. There are even benefits to rural areas such as GPS tracking. Hope strongly believes that the Internet of Things will improve many aspects of our lives.

Jason Hope is a futurist, investor, and as well as an entrepreneur. He has a passion for giving back to the community and technology. Hope grew up in Arizona and received his degree in finance from Arizona State University. He currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona where he continues to work.