Securus Technologies offers a Unique Public Safety Solution

The primary aim of Securus Technologies is to provide and improve public safety. The company is multi-faceted and it is responsible for the provision of cutting edge civil and criminal justice technologies. It offers service and tech devices to agencies dealing with public safety, correction and law enforcement. Most of their products are known to be highly secure, simple and very powerful compared to those of their competitors. The company is comprised of highly trained personal which include hundreds of patents and scores of engineers, designers, innovative thinkers and technologists. They all work together to develop some of unique products that are of the highest quality.


Securus Technologies is fully dedicated to being the best provider of high-tech software solutions. So far, most of its products have received praises from most of the users. They regard them as adaptable and very economical. The all rounded organization is also concerned with the family of friends who have their loved ones incarcerated. The company offers reliable communication platforms to these families to connect and interact with them. Securus Technologies also provide other services such as emergency response, incident management and inmate self-service.


The private company was founded in the year 1986 and has a task force of about 5000 employees. The primary objective of providing public safety solutions is guided and designed in a way that it help the law enforcers and cities to collect, consolidate, analyze and distribute valuable information in real time. The information supports the needs of immediate access to sensitive information for mobile law enforcement and dispatch of emergency response. In October 2016, the company released a report through an established online platform regarding a survey conducted on their customers. The report showed that most of the stakeholders and users of Securus Technologies products were satisfied with the service and the quality of products. The survey was conducted through email, phone interviews and letters. The company has a promising future as the consumer base is increasing at a rapid rate.


Securus Technologies Has Clients Solving Serious Problems

Securus Technologies is a communications company that supplies services to corrections institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations. One of their most popular services are the phone services that link the inmates and their families. It helps morale in the prisons and families can monitor how their loved ones are doing.


There are, however, some people use these privileges for nefarious purposes. Customers are raving about the service that Securus has is designed to thwart that. Securus is constantly getting letters from institutions who are customers that give great accolades to Securus for their technologies in this area.


We are very impressed by the vision displayed by Securus as their ability to foresee some of the security problems incumbent to jails cease to become problems. Their innovative and revolutionary measures have markedly improved the posture of our jail security environment.


Another facility wrote a letter stating that one of their prison employees was caught in the act of organizing a major effort to smuggle drugs and alcohol into the facility for distribution to the inmate population. The evidence that was gathered was instrumental in the arrest and conviction of the parties involved.

Criminals like to use cell phones due to their portability. The LBS system can track the location of a call without relying on the GPS of the phone, which can be easily defeated. Calls can be monitored from the inside of a facility and tied into cell phone calls from the outside.


One such call involved an inmate who was talking with a younger sibling about how to cover up evidence about a shooting that had recently taken place. The evidence that was gathered helped solved a long-standing case and put some people in jail.


Customers are very appreciative that the LBS technology puts an additional layer of security on top of an already robust system.


Securus Builds Trust Within Prison Community To Achieve BBB Accreditation

The Better Business Bureau is an organization that helps to rank businesses on the way they treat their customers. The BBB allows customers some recourse as they can complain to the organization if something goes wrong in their business dealings. But most people don’t realize that the BBB also offers accreditation to companies that are willing to go through it eight-point inspection. That is exactly what Securus Technologies has recently chosen to do.


It is the first point of the eight-point inspection that really impresses me. The first point ranks the company on its ability to build trust. For a company like Securus Technologies to rank high on this point is incredibly impressive.


Securus Technologies is a telecommunications company that only does business with state and local governments. The telephone company provides services to state-run prison and jail facilities. This makes the American prison population the company’s customer base.


The telecommunications company builds trust through stellar customer service. One of the most impressive things about the telecommunications company is the size of its customer service call center. The average phone call into the customer service call center is answered within 11 seconds and over 98% of all concerns are addressed on the first call. The center is capable of handling over 2 million phone calls per month.


Customer service calls are infrequent with Securus. The telecommunications company often receives positive reviews for the telephone call quality and other services. The company also allows prisoners to virtually visit with their friends and families through a video chat service. This vital service allows a prisoner’s family to avoid the hassle of physically visiting the prison. This saves the family money, time and the hardship of going through a security screening.


Securus provides a high level of customer satisfaction and customer service by building trust with their customers.


Securus Technologies corrects inaccuracies by GTL technologies

Securus Technologies focuses its services on provision of technology services to criminal justice and correction facilities. The company has availed its services for public correction facilities, public safety, and other industries. In recent news, the company received a rating of A+ by BBB. Such rating is an indication of the excellence in service provided by the enterprise. Global Tel Link, a competitor of Securus Technologies, has strived to tarnish Securus’ name by publishing false information. However, Securus has defended itself showing that such information is inaccurate and misplaced.


GTL went forth to publish information regarding Securus Patents, stating that most of their patents and licenses were out of date. However, Securus has been in operation for long compared to GTL. Securus has more patents than GTL’s. Securus went forth to insist that GTL should focus on having more licenses and patents instead of trying to ruin Securus. Securus CEO went on to insist that he will continue to defend the company regarding misinformation presented by GTL.


Securus CEO, Richard Smith, went on to point several malpractices conducted by GTL. He then noted that he loves the correction industry. It helps building a better community by connecting inmates with their family and friends. He was deeply offended by GTL’s misconduct in releasing wrong information and their recent activity where they acted below the integrity bar. To Securus, their business and mission is more than just to make money. The company has all of its customer’s interests at heart and focuses on providing the best services.


Concerning patents that GTL claimed they were seeking damages and injunctions, Securus went on to insist that the PTAB board has no right to give a ruling on such patents. Thes court is the only body that can make the final ruling on such patents. GTL has however spent a lot of money and time going to court just to disapprove Securus’ patents.

Staying connected with law enforcement and correctional facilities

In modern day society it has been very hard to stay connected to everyone we care about. Our schedules are so jam packed that we miss out on some of the most important moments in our lives, children’s lives, and parents lives. We may be so focused on our electronics that we forget to pause and observe a memorial moment.


Sometimes life puts you in a situation that is not ideal, but having the connectivity and a way to keep in touch with friends and family is very important. Just being able to hear the voices of those connected to you is so soothing.


When a family member or friend is sent to prison it can be very hard to keep in touch with them. There is not a lot of opportunities to talk on the phone or see them in person. That is why joining Securus is so important. Securus is a company working on phone and video services to keep those isolated away from home connected with those who matter the most. The company is working on deals with prisons and correctional facilities to allow inmates to stay connected with people.


When you sign up for Securus online you have all day access to accounts on smartphones, tablets and computers. With AutoPlay and TextPlay you will never miss a text or call. Many cell phone users can understand how easy it is to miss a call when busy. Text and email notifications can be set up to let users know of any account activity. Everyone that signs up has access to history, invoices, and transaction details. In addition, Securus users are able to add, remove, and change phone numbers associated with the account. Of course active users can keep seeing promotions and offers.

Know more:

Securus has been growing a lot lately and really pushing for changes. They have expanded their leadership team by adding a senior sales executive to develop a new software-based sales team to expand their portfolio to over 800 items for law enforcement and correctional facilitates. John Bell has joined as Vice President of Sales. Bell has worked for IBM, Verizon, AT&T, NTT Verio, and Time Warner Cable. He now manages a team of one hundred sales team members.


Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has satisfied over one million inmates with their communication services. They have provided emergency response, incident management, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, and monitoring products and services.

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