Changes make property reports easily accessible to real estate professionals and to households seeking information on their holdings.

Wrongful foreclosures. Stagnation of the smooth exchange in the secondary market. Sounds like a nightmare, right?


Palm Harbor, Florida-based Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is responding to title defects by making reports on property transactions easier to get online or with personal help.


One of the fields Nationwide Title Clearing is attacking is slow transition of assets inside the secondary market.


The company uses executives and property records to ensure clear title and avoid the stagnation of smooth access to documents, reducing the risk of buybacks, delayed lien releases and troublesome assignment services.

One of the key reasons Nationwide Title Clearing is a recently deployed website, which puts property reports online. The website address is


By working with that site, you’ll have an array of sources including reports made by counties, which have traditionally been a pain to deal with, and an assortment of human and automated practices only available at Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. The company’s extensive compilation of documents in more than 3.600 reporting jurisdiction makes it a leader in nationwide title services.


Founded in 1991, Nationwide Title is a privately owned research and document service. The company’s growth rate over three years has been 80 percent with 2014 revenue of $30.6 million.


Full and part-time employees use more than 100 dedicated courses in learning how to deal with all aspects of the housing industry, and how to solve the pitfalls in making titles and usable. As of 2015,about 70 percent of the NTC workforce’s 210 employees were either training or cross-training with an eye toward making a job advance within NTC.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a provider of research and, and has been for a quarter century. It also delivers those services to a nationwide industry dealing with residential in business mortgages. It is also the second largest such company in the United States.


Homeowners and closing agents can get information on a specific document recorded in NTS’ extensive library by simply submitting a document inquiry online

To speak with an expert directly, dial toll free 1-866-721-0828.


Since the company’s move from California, NTC has won the Tampa Bay Times Top 100 Workplace awards for 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016. The data for those awards came from a third-party corporation using employee-based and anonymous third party research data culled from industry sources. In all, Nationwide Title Clearing operates a five-building business campus in Pinellas County, Florida, with headquarters in Palm Harbor, also in Florida.

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