IAP: No Job is Too Small

IAP Worldwide Services specializes in making any logistics issue possible. They are an advanced technical services and mobility company with over 2,000 employees and 25 countries they service around the world.

Their mission; to solve demanding logistics challenges for both the public and private sector. It is the company’s policy to find solutions for the unexpected, the most challenging aspects.

IAP Worldwide is a global logistics and facilities management company. They take on the unexpected logistics needs from those that occur due to natural disasters or overseas battlefields. The plan, manage and operate military facilities, remote research centers, facilities for manufactured products and more. The point is that IAP has the knowhow to support their clients work needs.

They have been in business for more than 60 years and have built a reputation as a reliable market leader that exceeds their client needs.

New Developments
To help expand their service and make it more efficient IAP acquired DRS Technologies, an Aviation and Logistics service company located in Oklahoma City. They also acquired the Tactical Communications & Solutions company located in Aberdeen, an aircraft repair management company. They will integrate the capabilities of both companies into their long-term growth plans.

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The IAP Corporate Responsibility
IAP Worldwide Services started their path to success by caring for both their employees and their clients. To them it’s not about how they treat customers but about how the treat everyone. They show their gratitude to the many communities they work in.

The IAP Corporate Values
The goals of their clients are their own and this company does not rest until it delivers results and getting these means more than just solving a logistics issue. It’s about aligning actions with moral and ethical conducts.

IAP began back in the 1950s as Pan Am Word Services, a company that began building and operating America’s first space launch complex in Cape Canaveral, Fl. The company helped in the testing of more than 2,000 launches including missiles and the shuttle flights. For the next 50 years the company offered maintenance and facilities as well as construction management and engineering options for thousands of clients around the world.

Bottom Line
Today, IAP Worldwide is one of the leading logistics and facilities companies in the world. They offer services to a variety of clients in both the public and private sector. This large scale company can handle any logistics need a company might have.

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