Nexbank to Expand Its Successful Financial Education Program To More Dallas Area Public Schools

Adults are often asked what they wish they were taught in high school and inevitably the most common answer is the skills needed to manage and navigate the intimidating financial markets. Whether it is the basics of banking, the advantages of keeping a good credit score, or the ins and outs of a home mortgage, most people agree that the earlier you achieve financial literacy, then the more financially secure you will be in the future. Nexbank, a Dallas based community bank that was recently recognized as one of the nations top banks by the S&P, has decided to address the nation’s financial literacy crisis by graciously providing public school students in the Dallas area with classes geared towards teaching them the skills needed to understand this essential knowledge.

Asked why Nexbank decided to start such an ambitious program, NexBank CEO John Holt said “Nexbank considers proper financial skills to be the bedrock of a successful life, but far too often these essential financial skills are only understood after several personal financial blunders, however, we believe this program will teach people early in life how to avoid making those blunders” Founded in 2016, the financial literacy program provides select Dallas area public schools with funding and curriculum to teach students from elementary to high school the basics of finance. Pioneering this concept for the entire nation, the program has proven to be a massive success and a hit with students and parents alike. In fact, the program has been such a success that Nexbank has decided to invest additional funds into expanding the financial literacy program to reach over 1600 students in the Dallas area. It is the hope of everyone involved with the program that teaching students financial skills will afford them greater opportunities for success early in life.