Successful Subscription Based Fabletics Continues to Expand

Fabletics, the successful athletic wear line that is helmed by actress and spokesmodel Kate Hudson is continuing to build up steam. As reported onRacked, Fabletics has plans to open 100 stores over the next 3 to 5 years. Fabletics started as an online subscription service and has since expanded to retail stores. They currently have 6 stores, and plan on opening a seventh soon.

The company still plans on focusing on it’s subscription service, which has been the bread and butter of Fabletics, but they believe that the retail stores offer a number of positive options to their customers. At the retail locations on, customers can try on clothes before they buy, which makes it easier for them to understand how the clothes look and feel on their body. Of course customers still have the option of joining the subscription service, which is convenient and easy to use. The subscription service is great for busy people as it delivers clothes right to your door.

Subscription service subscribers also have the benefit of access to Kate’s picks, where she picks an new selection of top end athletic wear each month, as well as customized selections that have been chosen just for them. Of course they are not required to buy anything, and simply have to log into the site and take a look at the selections.

Fabletics has quickly grown to be one of the top online clothing retailers, and expects to do $250 million in online sales in 2015. The company attributes its success to the high appeal of its clothing on, which is designed to be affordable versions of the same kind of athletic wear that many celebrities have been spotted wearing. The clothes are all hand picked by actress Kate Hudson, who can be seen wearing her favorites in the brands commercials and behind the scenes pictures.

With such a large and positive response to Fabletics, it is no surprise that the company which was founded by start up giant Don Ressler and his partner Adam Goldenberg, has decided to expand it the brick and mortar retail world. Besides retail stores, the brand has also made some other changes in the past year. Fabletics added a men’s wear line and has plans for adding swimwear and dresses to the line in the near future.

Fabletics has also worked hard to ensure that their customers are completely satisfied. To that end they have revamped the FAQ on their companies website, in the hopes of making sure that all customers understand their polices and process. They only received about 5-10 customer complaints each year, but according to the company this is 5-10 complaints too many each year. They are working hard on ensuring that all of their customers are satisfied.