Sheldon Lavin Explains his Secret to Success at OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is one of the most successful business entrepreneurs in the current modern business world. His is an achievement that only few young entrepreneurs can dream of getting to. Sheldon believes that even with abilities and talents, younger entrepreneurs fail because of limiting managerial capacities as well as lack of relevant knowledge. In an interview he revealed his secrets to success. Being a successful professional in the sector, Sheldon Lavin has it together when it comes to building a business.

To run a global food company, Lavin Sheldon must tract several factors. He needs to understand customers’ preferences, technological changes as well as resource shortages. Monitoring these factors is not easy especially because they are not price fixed. Sheldon Lavin is able to remain in control of issues because he uses the services of specialized personnel to get the relevant support. He believes in delegation of duties as long as it is to the right person. With Lavin having earned a number of awards for his exemplary leadership, it is only reasonable to want to know his secret. He revealed some of these in an interview whose summary is as follows. Find out more about of Sheldon Lavin at Bloomberg.

When asked about the genesis of his business, the successful entrepreneur said that his journey started with a desire to make a difference in the world. His background was in finance and as such started as a finance consultant as he worked on his dream of building a company that would provide food for people on a daily basis. He joined Otto & Sons and that is when he met his big break as the company needed finance and he needed their skills to achieve his goals. From the taste of success then, he learn how to build a business and has never looked back.

On the issue of making money, he was quick to note that money is easy to make. However, Sheldon Lavin said that you need money to make money. It takes time to start earning form a venture so you need patience until it is established. He is able to reap benefits because of his careful investments in OSI Group’s financial markets.

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CEO Flavio Maluf Leading the Way in Brazillian Agribusiness

Eucatex is a leading producer for forestry products in Brazil, a market that was accountable for %14.4 of the country’s total agribusiness exports. It’s CEO; Flavio Maluf, is responsible for paving the way in environmentally friendly practices and more efficient and responsible management techniques.

Flavio Maluf took the reins of Eucatex in 1997, after learning good business management practices working for companies like Citicorp.

He graduated Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and the New York University with a degree in Business Administration prior to the beginning of his career as an entrepreneur, and prior to being selected as CEO of the company, Flavio Maluf worked his way up in the company by learning the Trade and Industrial areas of the company and bringing them to great success and efficiency, earning his appointment to the administrative team of the company. Visit their website to learn more.

Writing blogs and business articles, Flavio Maluf shares his knowledge and understanding of business management and entrepreneurial advice, as he continues to help others succeed in business.

Total agribusiness, including the forestry products produced by Eucatex, accounts for 45.6% of total foreign sales for the country of Brazil, and the country’s soybean industry has shipped 46.27 million tons of soybeans for the year as of June 2018, a 5.2% increase from the previous year’s production. With the current production estimates;

Brazil is expecting a total of 119 million tons of Soybeans, a potential growth of 4.2% from the previous year. Soy accounts for 53.5% of total Brazilian agribusiness exports.

These figures are reported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, who’s objective (through public policies to stimulate agriculture; the promotion of agribusiness; and the regulation and regulation of services linked to the sector) is “to integrate under its management the market, technological, scientific, environmental and organizational aspects of the productive sector as well as the sectors of supply, storage and transport of crops, as well as the management of economic and financial policy for agribusiness”

According to Businessman Flavio Maluf that through the integration of sustainable development as well as competitiveness, the entity’s intention is to guarantee both the food security of the country’s population and the production of surplus for export.

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Vinod Gupta and His Proven Sustainable Investment Strategies


Investing money in any company can be a challenging experience for organizations and individuals alike. Especially, in an investment climate that is no longer stable and has people always guessing on what is coming up next. However, even with all of the uncertainty that surrounds us, there are some investors like Vinod Gupta who has been successful in capitalizing on those that do bring in certain expected gains.


Proven Strategy that focuses on Long Term Gains with Good Sound Opportunities

Having said this, Vinod Gupta has made money with investments that hinge on the traditional aspects of how to increase your portfolios. With the proven Sustainable Investment Strategy that he uses, he helps others to focus on a long term, logical plan that helps investors to realize their own dreams. Typically, the primary concept that is used focuses more on finding companies to invest in those that share the same or similar beliefs, core values and their need to help others as well. See This Article to learn more.


Helping Others to Realize their Investment Dreams

Unlike some investment opportunities that people seek after their own personal interest and financial gains only, Vinod Gupta has always sought after helping others to realize their investment dreams for their family, friends and their communities.

Therefore, instead of using a strategy that will only help one or two people to succeed in the investments that they select, Vinod Gupta is committed to helping the community to grow financially by using some of the same sound strategies and principles that have been used over the years.

Today, Mr. Gupta oversees Focus Group, which is a company, which offers venture capital for database technology startups and acquires struggling businesses to make them profitable. Unlike the early years of Mr. Gupta, these new entrepreneurs will have a sponsor in the form of Focus Group.


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GreenSky Embraces a New Direction in the Finance Industry


With globalization and advancements in technology, every industry is committed to keeping up with the changing needs of the market. If well implemented, technology presents significant changes in enhancing business operations. Today, there are wide ranges of technological innovations aimed at improving operations in the finance industry. GreenSky  LLC is at the forefront in ensuring it extensively uses technology in the daily business activities.

General Overview

GreenSky  has been in business since 2006, with its headquarters based in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the years, GreenSky is committed to the delivery of high-quality services to clients in the finance world. At GreenSky, clients access extensive technology remedies to banks and financial merchants. Through technology, the financial bodies can effectively offer loans to their clients. Such loans are mainly suitable for home improvement purposes, healthcare, and solar. GreenSky draws its finances from other financial institutions. The Company’s credit program put about 5 billion dollars in circulation from 2012 to 2016.

GreenSky  thrives by enrolling merchants to its system who in turn provide items for improving homes and facilitating elective medical procedures. Since it does not generate its operating capital, its popularity at the fintech market section is low.

Business Valuation and Operations

Notably, in 2016 GreenSky raised up to 50 million dollars’ worth of capital. Additionally, a 2 billion lending plan was established in partnership with the Fifth Third Bancorp of Cincinnati in Ohio. As a result, the firm gained a value of 3.6 billion dollars. According to The Wall Street Journal, this value was the key to GreenSky’s title as one of the most valuable private financial business establishments in technology.

GreenSky  mainly offers credit cards sup-plantation services for large companies. It seeks to enhance consumer-based spending on specific projects. Additionally, the firm develops a suitable payback period with fixed terms and interest rates. The GreenSky Chief Executive Officer notes that the firm is a technology-based firm and not a bank in competition. Through the SSAE lending program, the firm successfully runs its operations. More of this information is available at GreenSky’s Wikipedia page.


With a team of skilled, committed and experienced executives and employees, GreenSky  is ready to lead the financial technology sector.

Jeffrey Aronin and Paragon Biosciences

Jeffrey Aronin is a CEO of the organization he established, Paragon Biosciences. He is also a philanthropist. He came up with Paragon Biosciences so that he could be able to assist others to live healthier lives. The company’s primary focus is to help people who have been struggling with medical conditions which have no treatment existing or have few treatment options. To provide this, Paragon Sciences builds and develops innovative medical organizations with the aim of creating new medications as well as pioneering treatments. The company ensures that these new medicines are produced at a rapid pace.

The leadership of Paragon Biosciences has experienced great success in the last ten years. The company’s 13 new medications received approval from FDA within those ten years. This kind of approval rate can only be found in prominent Pharmaceutical organizations. The company’s unique business model and Jeffrey Aronin offer strategic and financial assistance to biotechnology firms struggling to develop new medicines. Paragon Biosciences serves to deeply examine the needs of patients, persistently quicken breakthrough science and strategically create organizations to eradicate suffering and thus, making the life of the patients longer. With a business plan that is centered on the three steps, the company has been able to get to higher levels of success that it currently enjoys.

Jeffrey Aronin has been in the biotechnology world for 20 years. This has allowed him to have an exceptional understanding of the complicated methods of research, rare disorders as well as how to create new medications. Jeffrey is famous as a compassionate leader who has a bigger heart when it comes to serving others. In addition to this, Jeffrey has unique management skills that enable him to bring together teams of researchers who are willing to find cures for strange medical conditions and other terminal illnesses.

Jeffrey loves to share his knowledge and experiences with young entrepreneurs who are ready to bring about positive changes in the medical sector. Jeffrey claims that those issues that people feel cannot be solved are the ones worth solving. His continuous search for developing new medications brings hope to a medical field consumed by conventional methods that do not offer the best solutions to people.

Tony Petrello- Brilliant leadership at Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is a prominent business executive in the United States. He is currently the CEO of Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is the biggest oil and gas drilling firm in the world. It has its headquarters in Texas, and it is currently operating in over 25 countries. The growth of this company in the recent years has everything to do with the management team that is currently leading the firm. With Tony Petrello at the helm, the company has been making big accomplishments in its expansion. Over the last two decades, it has moved from a small little-known company into the number one drilling company with the best drilling rigs and drilling services in the world.

Tony Petrello has accomplished this mission because he is dedicated to making the company better than he found. He is the type of person who wants to leave a place better than he found it. He has steered the company in that right direction and ensuring that there is consistent growth in company’s operations.

Tony Petrello believes in hard work as a way of achieving the dream that he has. From a young age, he grew up knowing that there was nothing that could be offered to him on a silver platter, everything he wanted to accomplish had to be gotten through hard work. Having been born from a very humble family, he was committed to changing Petrello’s financial status and that of his family. He worked hard in school and was even offered a scholarship to study at the Yale University. He was a math genius, and that is how he landed at Yale.

Tony Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991 after coming from New York where he was working as a lawyer. He was made the COO and held this position for two decades until when he was made the CEO. His contributions as the operations manager were the reason the company started recording good results. He streamlined the operations such that the company started expanding its operations to numerous places around the world. Tony has proven to be a great executive and has been even ranked as one of the top paid CEOs in the country.

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How Businessman Eric Lefkofsky contributes to Cancer Research

If you’re unfamiliar with Eric Lefkofsky, he is a successful entrepreneur and the Co-founder of Groupon, an e-commerce marketplace, predicated on connecting subscribers with a variety of merchants in over 28 countries. Additionally, Lefkofsky Co-founded several other businesses including Echo Global Logistics, Media Ocean, and Innerworkings; these various companies have generated over $1.79 billion in revenue for the American businessman, who has been regarded as one of the most successful in the e-commerce sector.

Although Eric’s focus is tethered to the business world, he is also very interested in the medical industry; in fact, in 2015, he founded Tempus, a business based on bridging technology and medicine. According to Lefkofsky, Tempus allows physicians to archive an infinite amount of patient data into genomic cancer libraries, which in turn, allows them to compare DNA information from a host of patients. These comparisons could potentially help physicians provide treatment options, that have been proven effective, based on genetic profiles, to patients diagnosed with similar types of cancer. What does this mean in layman’s terms? Once a particular course of treatment has been proven effective, physicians will be able to prescribe those same treatments to new patients, who have been diagnosed with the same illnesses.

Eric Lefkofsky has been lauded for his business acumen, but he is also quite the humanitarian; in 2006, he founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which aims to support educational organizations around the globe. The support is provided to these organizations in the form of financial and scientific contributions; in fact, the organization has already donated over $1 million to Northwestern University, which will benefit the university’s Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has also donated $500,000 to Stanford University to help support their gastric cancer research. So far, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation has helped upwards of 50 organizations through its charitable work.

In addition to all of his business achievements, and contributions to medicine, Lefkofsky is also heavily involved in his community; he is on the board of directors for several organizations including the Museum of Science and Industry, the Art Institue of Chicago, and Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital.