Paul Herdsman: Establishing a Highly Reputable Outsourcing Business


Business process outsourcing, or BPO, is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today. Business owners are paying third-party companies to complete various processes, outsourcing jobs to take advantage of cheaper labor overseas. NICE Global is one of the leading companies that provides a customer service solution in North America, and the company is headquartered in Jamaica.

The services provided by the company helps smaller businesses to increase their customer retention, improve their engagement with their customers, lower down their expenses, and creating more profit for their clients. Through the years of operations, NICE Global has demonstrated how they can deliver results to their clients. It boosted their reputation in the field, and many businesses started partnering with them.

Paul Herdsman, the current COO of the company, co-founded NICE Global. He claimed that one of the inspirations for creating the company would be providing a range of customer solutions services to many businesses in North America. He felt happy knowing that their primary objective when establishing the company has been reached, and NICE Global keeps on growing steadily. Get Related Information Here.

Paul Herdsman also said that NICE Global is one of the leaders in promoting positive relations with their employees. Paul knew the importance of keeping competitive employees around, and to keep them satisfied working with the company, Paul Herdsman ensures that they receive incentives and other benefits if they do hard work. He also treats them like family members, giving them an assurance that the company cares for them.

Before he came up with the idea of establishing NICE Global, Paul Herdsman used to work with other companies in the outsourcing industry. Herdsman developed some of the skills needed for an outsourcing company to thrive, and he used it when NICE Global was founded. Today, he is proud to say that the company has partnered with so many businesses, which are satisfied with the results that they presented.


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