Nexbank to Expand Its Successful Financial Education Program To More Dallas Area Public Schools

Adults are often asked what they wish they were taught in high school and inevitably the most common answer is the skills needed to manage and navigate the intimidating financial markets. Whether it is the basics of banking, the advantages of keeping a good credit score, or the ins and outs of a home mortgage, most people agree that the earlier you achieve financial literacy, then the more financially secure you will be in the future. Nexbank, a Dallas based community bank that was recently recognized as one of the nations top banks by the S&P, has decided to address the nation’s financial literacy crisis by graciously providing public school students in the Dallas area with classes geared towards teaching them the skills needed to understand this essential knowledge.

Asked why Nexbank decided to start such an ambitious program, NexBank CEO John Holt said “Nexbank considers proper financial skills to be the bedrock of a successful life, but far too often these essential financial skills are only understood after several personal financial blunders, however, we believe this program will teach people early in life how to avoid making those blunders” Founded in 2016, the financial literacy program provides select Dallas area public schools with funding and curriculum to teach students from elementary to high school the basics of finance. Pioneering this concept for the entire nation, the program has proven to be a massive success and a hit with students and parents alike. In fact, the program has been such a success that Nexbank has decided to invest additional funds into expanding the financial literacy program to reach over 1600 students in the Dallas area. It is the hope of everyone involved with the program that teaching students financial skills will afford them greater opportunities for success early in life.

Jennifer Lee Walden Offers Excellent Cosmetic Surgery Options

Plastic surgery is a mainstay in American medical circles today. Many people get plastic surgery to liven up their appearance, or even fix something that has happened that was a major problem in their life. Most consider it an art form at best for those that elect to receive it. Others used it to make their life quality far better. When the time comes, they must find a plastic surgeon that is able to do the work safely and achieve that at the level of quality work. One of those artists within the plastic surgery world is Jennifer Lee Walden.

Jennifer Lee Walden is one of the best plastic surgeons in Austin, Texas for one of many areas of specialty. Having won the award as Harper Bazaar’s Best Beauty Surgeons back in 2014. For those that are interested in knowing even more about this amazing woman, here is some background about her and her life.

She began as a dentist’s daughter and her mother was a surgical nurse. She attended the University of Texas where she studied Biology. Her first job was at Manhattan’s Ear, Eye and Throat Hospital. That is where she won her award from Harper’s Bazaar.

She was featured as a speaker about plastic surgery tips and developments on ABC news, and then on Fox News as well. Her advice is well respected in the field of plastic surgery as well. This has led to her being published for some editorials that she authored. Some of those publications have led her to receive some very prestigious awards.

She also led the path that ended bringing silicone breast implants being reintroduced. As the spokeswoman for ASAPS, she was named as the Best Plastic Surgeon in America today. This was also in 2014 when she reintroduced the silicone breast implants.


Thanks to Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson has dedicated over 25 years to the industry of financial services. He currently serves as Board Member, President, and Chief Executive Officer of CNS Bioscience, INC., a clinical drug research company with a primary focus concerning neuropathic pain.

Autterson holds deep ties within the Colorado business climate, where his skills in wealth management, wealth management consulting, and private wealth management have earned him a great deal of success. As a graduate of the University of Denver Tax Program, Autterson began his career at First Trust Corporation, a subsidiary of Fiserv.

Autterson worked his way through the world of financial trust companies until he became president of Resources Trust Company, largely regarded as the biggest state-charted financial institutions in the USA. Autterson later sold Resources Trust Company in 1989 to SunAmerica which was acquired in 1998 for $18 billion.

As a long standing member of the Board of Directors of Falci Adaptive Biosystems, a non-profit focused on helping those suffering from neuromotor disabilities, Autterson’s interest in helping humanity has gained him much respect in the business world of his hometown, Denver, Colorado.

Mr. Autterson also holds a rich history pursuing his interest in giving back to the community– he has served on the Board of the Denver Zoo and Denver Zoological Foundation. Most touchingly, he has also served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Denver Hospice. Several times throughout its history, Mr. Autterson’s donations have been the primary driving force behind the zoo’s success. His ties to the financial industry have brought in significant donations time and time again. Animal lovers have Matthew Autterson to thank for his uncanny ability to mix finances with the lighter side of life.

Matthew Autterson remains an integral part of the Colorado business world with his current endeavors as Board Member, President, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CNS Bioscience, Inc., founded in 2013. If Autterson’s history is any telling of his track record, we are sure to see big, innovative, and exciting happenings take place in the name of neuropathic pain developments in coming years with Autterson at their head.


Watching Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Getting Closer to Amazon Numbers

Looking at how dominant Amazon has been in the last few years in the fashion e-commerce market has been quite an accomplishment. This retail giant is making sales in excess of 20 percent in the clothing market, and that is quite impressive when you realize how many other thousands of clothing sellers are all fighting for the same customers. That does not appear to be affecting Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, as they continue to inch closer and closer to Amazon in sales. In only three short years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been able to grab $250 million in sales of women’s apparel in that same market.


The success of this athleisure brand is no accident, you just have to ask Hudson herself about why things have exploded in popularity in such a short time. Hudson gives credit to the rising popularity of her active-wear for women to reverse showrooming and the membership rewards package she offers to customers. Look at how things are shaking out at the Fabletics stores in the local malls. We see women inside looking at all the latest workout apparel, trying on everything in the stores, and even filling out the store’s lifestyle quizzes. One of the things that really appeals to these shoppers is the fact the store sales associates are not pressuring anyone to buy anything.


To really dominate in this competitive fashion e-commerce market, you have to have record online sales numbers. To help in that process, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics customers see all those items that they were wearing inside the store uploaded instantly to their online accounts. What this does is eliminate any doubt about sizing and it also lets these women to continue shopping from wherever they left off at the mall store. When you don’t have pressure, you can fill up your online cart with all the latest in leggings, yoga pants, and tank tops.


The membership perks are the key to the success at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Free shipping for all online orders, discounts on all active-wear both online an in the mall, as well as the help of a Fabletics shopping assistant. Your assistant is assigned to your account, looks over quiz answers, then selects a piece each month they thing that the customer will adore. This is a pampering experience that many customers can not get enough of, helping to push Kate Hudson’s Fabletics closer to Amazon numbers.

Sawyer Howitt: How He Used His Knowledge Of Business To Become A Racquetball Pro

Though many have the desire to take their athletic skills to a professional level, few succeed. Sawyer Howitt is one of these successful few. He has figured out how to use his business knowledge to further his racquetball career.

So What Does It Take to Go Pro?
Though dedication and talent are undeniably important when it comes to athletic success, there are a few other points to consider. Before perusing any career, it is key to understand exactly what it will take to reach your end goal. You must put in a sufficient amount of research, set reasonable short and long term goals, and stick with them. It is also important to make sure you will have the support backing you that you need. This usually means finding a great coach, which is a very important aspect of any athletic career. Finding sponsors is also crucial to your athletic success. Sawyer Howitt did just this. Using his professional knowledge in business, he was able to further his racquetball career to a professional level.

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About Sawyer Howitt
Sawyer Howitt is a professional Racquetball player from Portland, Oregon. He is recognized by the US Racquetball Association. Though he previously worked for companies such as the KURE Juicebar, he is now an entrepreneurial athlete, and Project Manager at the Meriwether Group.

The Secret To Success
From a young age, Howitt has displayed an undaunted passion for athletic excellence. He played in the Oregon High School Racquetball State Championship, and now plays men’s singles. His ambition has been equally applied in his entrepreneurial life, as he has a keen understanding of the meaning of dedication and strategy. He applies these athletic principles to his approach in business on a daily basis.

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Tony Petrello’s Hard Work at Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is an accomplished businessman whose financial bar keeps increasing each year. His 2015 statement of compensation included; first of all his entire balance summed up to $1,342,206, therefore the rest of the statement was as follows; the total amount that he received added up to $27,512,939 million, his payment was a sum of $1,580,077. His stock money totaled to $16,863,656and finally his bonus money was a total of $7,727,000.

Nabors Industries where Tony Petrello works is inclusive of the top organizations that have extraordinary services in the United States. Nabors Industries is well-known for delivering the best offshore drilling rigs around the world. Other than that the company also supplies the largest land-based drilling tools. Nabors Industries is a unique and hardworking organization that has the following services; presentation equipment, inventive technologies and directional drilling equipment. The firm has exceptional staff members who work so hard and are devoted to achieving all the goals of the organization.

The year that Tony Petrello moved to Nabors Industries is 1991, he had the positions of the executive chairman as well as being on the board of directors. Few years on, Tony got the post of the chief operating officer as well as the president of the organization. After sometime Petrello became the CEO of Nabors Industries.As the company’s CEO, Tony Petrello is in charge of strategic planning. Tony has worked before in various organizations including; Baker and McKenzie law firm. He had a privilege of running a branch of one of the firms in New York City. In his higher education, Tony had a B.S and M.S in mathematics from Yale University as well as a J.D Degree from Harvard Law School. Other than the other places where he worked, Tony worked at Hilcorp Energy Company as a director. Furthermore, he is also a board member at Texas Children’s Hospital. Read More.

The Golden Life Of Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua was born from a Chinese heritage and raised in the Philippines. After attending college in Manila, he started in business as an executive with Gano Excel. He excelled quickly, and the company expanded to Hong Kong, Canada and the United States. Chua relocated to California and became president of the US branch of the company.

Gano Excel market products like instant coffee, tea and capsules. One ingredient used in these products is proclaimed to help remove excess cholesterol and toxins from the body. Other amazing claims are that their product affects diabetes, gout and psoriasis in positive ways. The ingredient promoted to cause the healing effects is ganoderma, which comes from a mushroom that is found growing on logs.

Bernardo Chua founded his own company in 2008, Organo Gold, which sells healthy bio-active coffees. In 2015, the company rebranded to simply Organo, but they continue to sell the same consumables. Chua continues to fund research for ganoderma and educate on it’s benefits. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

At the forefront of business for the Pacific Rim, Bernardo Chua has received many business awards, and also recognized as a top direct selling company. Direct selling is the primary mission of Bernardo Chua’s business model. After just five years of existing on the market, Organo Gold became the 55th largest Direct Selling company in the world, with operations in over 30 countries.

How does it stretch around the world so quickly, but in an exclusive way? The ability for individuals to be independent distributors. In that direct sales model, an individual can make 50% or more in commissions. This opens opportunities for many within a variety of communities.

Stay at home moms, students, or those struggling to find employment are given the chance to have their own business. This type of symbiotic relationship benefits the company for growth around the world, while giving individuals financial chances as well.

Bernardo Chua’s beginnings helped start him on a path that would lead him to world wide success. What a golden like Mr. Chua has had so far.

What Makes EOS Lip Balms So Popular

It’s hard to not hear about or see EOS lip balms in stores or in advertising. They have been praised by endless celebrities, who have been seen pouting with the colorful pods. Byt what makes EOS lip balms so popular? Hit this page,

The gentlemen that started the company, saw a need for an updated, organic lip care product with all-natural ingredients and flavors. The founders used focus groups of ladies to create the packaging, colors, and lip blend of EOS to turn a much used, average beauty routine into a pleasurable experience.

EOS founders created lip balms with flavors only found in nature. Lip balm flavors are changed out regularly through the year. There are spring/ summer scents and fall/ winter scents. With each new offering of flavors, EOS produces a small batch of limited edition flavors. For example, the limited edition flavor offered right now is Melon Cucumber. Other flavors being offered for the season are: Blueberry Acai, Blackberry Nectar, Summer Fruit, and Sweet Mint.

EOS lip balms do not contain mineral oil, phthalates, or parabens. EOS does contain everything good for lip health such as: Vitamin E oil, Shea butter, Jojoba, and natural flavors. The makers of EOS use 95% organic materials when making their products. To view the whole ESO product line, please click here.

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Jason Hope and the Internet of Things are Here to Stay

For the past several years there has been one focused voice espousing the ideals of the Internet of Things — Jason Hope. Jason Hope is a noted futurist, writer, entrepreneur, and tech investor. For years now Hope has specialized in making sure that his voice was heard in guiding people toward the next big tech ventures around. As we said above, Hope’s new focus seems to be primarily directed toward that of the Internet of Things. If you haven’t yet heard of the Internet of Things then get comfortable because it is a big concept that will look to fundamentally change the way we live our lives.

The Internet of Things, when you break it right down, refers to the collection of smart technology that is interfacing with the internet in order to improve upon our every day lives. The Internet of Things doesn’t refer to a singular piece of smart tech and rather it comments on the entire industry that is growing within it. Think already how fitness companies are creating shoes that monitor your steps, cars that automatically get you to where you are going, and kitchen appliances that handle all of the workload for you. While we don’t think that wea re going to be living in ‘The Jetsons’, Jason Hope certainly believes that there is a huge change coming in the future.

In fact, Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things is going to be the biggest industry that has ever existed. The Internet of Things can fundamentally change the way we live our lives and Hope thinks that companies would serve well to get on board ahead of time. Jason Hope has made a career out of projecting the biggest changes and shifts in the technology industry and if he is right then we could be looking at another one.

Jason Hope has long since established himself as a reliable source for the tech world. His work as an entrepreneur and an advocate at the SENS Foundation has been hugely important to the tech world. We expect to continually see big things coming from him in the future.

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EOS Lip Balm Flavors

Are you tired of dry, chap, and painful lips? Well look no further. Continue to read and find a solution that maybe just right for you and solve your problem of dry lips. The product on the market at this time called EOS Lip Balms are created and design to treat dry and chapped lips. To provide you a little background of the product; According to German Google, “EOS Lip Balms are filled with delightful flavors and are packed with antioxdant-rich, vitamin e, soothing shea butter, and jojoba oil.” They are “hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and paraben, and petrolatum free for soft smooth beautiful lips.” These lip balms are natural and provides various flavors one can enjoyed. Not to mention, a perfect style and shape of your lip balm that is sure to look great no matter what. Whether you are out at dinner or at a ball game, taking out your lip balm is sure to get some attention. The product comes in an oval shape sphere with different colors depending upon the flavor you choose.

Although there are many flavors to choose from to meet your preference; I will only choose one to discuss in this article. That flavor is Strawberry Sorbet, see Yummy, just the sound of it makes you want it. This particular flavor is a pink lip balm and according to German Google, “is as delicious and refreshing as the irresistible dessert.” Can you imagine walking around with that on your lips, not only for flavor but also as a solution?

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A lip balm you can trust and feel. This product is available now. You can find your very own at major retails such as, but not limited too; Walmart, Target, Costco, Amazon, and so many more. Enjoy great flavors and the moisturizer for super soft lips.

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