Arthur Becker Makes Investment Splash in Tribeca

Arthur Becker has made quite the name for himself, well, from the background of the city developing world. Arthur Becker has been the fundraising master behind investors like Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney. Now it seems that Becker is stepping out from the shadows. Becker has reportedly put in a plan with the New York State AG’s office in order to develop his own eight unit building. The building is projected to sellout at nearly $53 million and it will be located at 465 Washington Street down in Tribeca.

Becker has been nothing short of ecstatic regarding the news developing around his potential building. Becker has plans to really push the building as something special. His goal, at the time of this writing, is to develop something of an ‘artisanal boutique building’. The interior of the developed building will be designed by the world renowned Paris Forino. Becker points to the project calling it a ‘primer’. Going over the details of the building, Becker feels like it is something that he can handle in terms of size. Becker is also a big fan of the location, gushing over the development of Tribeca.

Becker initially got his start in the industry as a homebuilder before maneuvering through several different markets before ultimately landing where he is now — one of the leading names in building development in Tribeca, NY. The purchase of this building dates all the way back to 2012 when Becker paid $6.1 million for the property. Becker purchased 465 Washington from architect/developer Peter Moore who was looking down the sights at a potential foreclosure. Becker swooped in immediately with plans to expand on his investment, purchasing adjacent buildings to 465. When Becker’s 8-unit development is done it will have expanded from five stories to 10 stories.

Becker is far from a solitary face in the New York City investment scene. According to Real Capital Analytics, Becker has already invested over $550 million in project investments throughout his career. Those numbers continue to rise as Becker continues to find success in the market, transforming various buildings and projects to his needs.

Information on this article sourced from Wikipedia.