Aloha Construction Proves Value

Aloha Construction, Inc. has proven value over 20,000 projects and 10 operational years. As a family-owned and operated general contractor, Aloha serves Illinois and Southern Wisconsin construction needs for: roofing, siding, gutter, window and downspout repair and installation. Most importantly, value is seen with fully licensed/bonded work carrying a 10-year craftsmanship warranty. The firm has won the BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics (2017), and holds certification by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), Chicago Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA) and the Building Trades Association (BTA). The Better Business Bureau (BBB) bestowed a rare A rating to Aloha.

A recent employee crewman testimonial: “Good company to talk with and look at your options. Reasonable management and skilled crew. In my opinion, a hard-working professional doesn’t need more than that…good pay and bonus opportunity; good hours, nothing too demanding; refreshing organizational skills (management and crews); lots of work, no hassle.”

Aloha Construction wants to provide clients with valued information as a part of overall service goals:

Tips Provided

  • Inspect roofing, gutter and siding regularly;
  • Clean all regularly;
  • Clear off ancillary debris;
  • Protect all surfaces; and
  • Use proactive repair.

Trust Aloha Construction, Inc. with all property construction needs. Prospective clients may contact us for a free property inspection at: [email protected], 470 Illinois 22 Lake Zurich, IL 60047-1542, Office : (847) 540-7711, Fax : (847) 540-7710, or at our Bloomington office: 7 Westport Ct. Suite A, Bloomington IL, 61704, Telephone: (309) 573-5806, Fax: (309) 585-0271.

ShafikSachedina—Achievements and Biography

ShafikSachedina was born in 1950 in Tanzania and studied at Guy’s Medical and Dental School where he graduated in 1975. He then practiced as a dental surgeon for many years in England. However, he has been showing entrepreneurial interests within the healthcare sector that led him to open the Sussex Healthcare foundation.

Sussex healthcare is a group of care homes that offer care to elderly patients with dementia, Alzheimer’s and disabilities, as well as to children with neurological and learning problems. This foundation has revolutionized care for the elderly in the UK. Sussex healthcare has won several awards for the quality services through the leadership of ShafikSachedina and Shiraz Boghani. Find out more at Company Check about Sachedina.

Achievements and Associations of ShafikSachedina

Dr. Sachedina is a member of the Agha Khan Development Network Committee, is an organizer for the Ismaili Community in all its 16 locations. As the coordinator who ensures that the activities of the committee are running smoothly and effectively. Also, he is an active promoter of dental hygiene in the UK and is a member of several university boards and advisor.

Sachedina is also a member of the Humanitarian Assistance International Organizing Committee that cares for Muslims and had been a president for the Ismaili Council in the UK in the past.

He has had four appointments, has 2 active ones (The Institute of Ismaili Studies, and Islamic Publications Limited), had one appointment in a dissolved company (Rosemold Limited) and resigned from Imara UK limited.

As a researcher, Shafik has contributed significantly to the Ismaili Studies that promotes Islamic religion and way of living. It has one of the biggest libraries consists of books, magazines, and scholarly articles.

Dr. ShafikSachedina applies his compassionate nature and knowledge to aid the community in living better lives health-wise. He is a philanthropist who has managed to help those who are religiously and culturally isolated to live dignified lives.

He has managed to set a pace for entrepreneurs and is a role model to the aspiring business people all over the world. His profile is on Twitter, LinkedIn, and on other sites with his biography and recent work.



Waiakea Water making a great brand

When buying bottled water, it is easy to be duped by the branding that these companies do. To avoid falling into the trap of marketers who will sell you something that is not value for your money, you should do thorough research before trying something new. One company that has brought change in the bottled water industry is Waiakea Water. This is a company that will serve you for who you are. It is a company that recognizes that as a customer, you need to be promoted and served like with quality products. Water is a product that you will be consuming, and it has a direct impact on your health. Being such a sensitive product, you need to be keen on what you are consuming. You need to ensure that you do not fall for inferior brands that have water without all the benefits.

Waiakea water comes from Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. The rock naturally filters the water as it goes down the mountain. The water also collects minerals as it goes down the mountain. The aquifer used by Waiakea Water is located at the bottom of the mountain, away from the pollution of the urban centers. The water comes at an alkaline pH of 8.2, a rare quality for many brands that are in the market. The water has the highest concentration of minerals in the market.

Many of us want to live a healthy life, but few of us know the importance of water in maintaining the value of life. There are so many bottled waters brands in the market that you cannot tell which the best is. Also, information about the source of water cannot be verified, meaning that they can lie about it and get away with it. No regulation requires these companies to reveal this information, and some tend to use this information to lie to the consumers. To ensure that you are on the safe side, go for brands such as Waiakea Water that has proved beyond reasonable doubt that they have the best water for human consumption. Choose Waiakea water, and you will not get disappointed.

CEO Flavio Maluf Leading the Way in Brazillian Agribusiness

Eucatex is a leading producer for forestry products in Brazil, a market that was accountable for %14.4 of the country’s total agribusiness exports. It’s CEO; Flavio Maluf, is responsible for paving the way in environmentally friendly practices and more efficient and responsible management techniques.

Flavio Maluf took the reins of Eucatex in 1997, after learning good business management practices working for companies like Citicorp.

He graduated Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and the New York University with a degree in Business Administration prior to the beginning of his career as an entrepreneur, and prior to being selected as CEO of the company, Flavio Maluf worked his way up in the company by learning the Trade and Industrial areas of the company and bringing them to great success and efficiency, earning his appointment to the administrative team of the company. Visit their website to learn more.

Writing blogs and business articles, Flavio Maluf shares his knowledge and understanding of business management and entrepreneurial advice, as he continues to help others succeed in business.

Total agribusiness, including the forestry products produced by Eucatex, accounts for 45.6% of total foreign sales for the country of Brazil, and the country’s soybean industry has shipped 46.27 million tons of soybeans for the year as of June 2018, a 5.2% increase from the previous year’s production. With the current production estimates;

Brazil is expecting a total of 119 million tons of Soybeans, a potential growth of 4.2% from the previous year. Soy accounts for 53.5% of total Brazilian agribusiness exports.

These figures are reported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, who’s objective (through public policies to stimulate agriculture; the promotion of agribusiness; and the regulation and regulation of services linked to the sector) is “to integrate under its management the market, technological, scientific, environmental and organizational aspects of the productive sector as well as the sectors of supply, storage and transport of crops, as well as the management of economic and financial policy for agribusiness”

According to Businessman Flavio Maluf that through the integration of sustainable development as well as competitiveness, the entity’s intention is to guarantee both the food security of the country’s population and the production of surplus for export.

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Vinod Gupta and His Proven Sustainable Investment Strategies


Investing money in any company can be a challenging experience for organizations and individuals alike. Especially, in an investment climate that is no longer stable and has people always guessing on what is coming up next. However, even with all of the uncertainty that surrounds us, there are some investors like Vinod Gupta who has been successful in capitalizing on those that do bring in certain expected gains.


Proven Strategy that focuses on Long Term Gains with Good Sound Opportunities

Having said this, Vinod Gupta has made money with investments that hinge on the traditional aspects of how to increase your portfolios. With the proven Sustainable Investment Strategy that he uses, he helps others to focus on a long term, logical plan that helps investors to realize their own dreams. Typically, the primary concept that is used focuses more on finding companies to invest in those that share the same or similar beliefs, core values and their need to help others as well. See This Article to learn more.


Helping Others to Realize their Investment Dreams

Unlike some investment opportunities that people seek after their own personal interest and financial gains only, Vinod Gupta has always sought after helping others to realize their investment dreams for their family, friends and their communities.

Therefore, instead of using a strategy that will only help one or two people to succeed in the investments that they select, Vinod Gupta is committed to helping the community to grow financially by using some of the same sound strategies and principles that have been used over the years.

Today, Mr. Gupta oversees Focus Group, which is a company, which offers venture capital for database technology startups and acquires struggling businesses to make them profitable. Unlike the early years of Mr. Gupta, these new entrepreneurs will have a sponsor in the form of Focus Group.


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GreenSky Embraces a New Direction in the Finance Industry


With globalization and advancements in technology, every industry is committed to keeping up with the changing needs of the market. If well implemented, technology presents significant changes in enhancing business operations. Today, there are wide ranges of technological innovations aimed at improving operations in the finance industry. GreenSky  LLC is at the forefront in ensuring it extensively uses technology in the daily business activities.

General Overview

GreenSky  has been in business since 2006, with its headquarters based in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the years, GreenSky is committed to the delivery of high-quality services to clients in the finance world. At GreenSky, clients access extensive technology remedies to banks and financial merchants. Through technology, the financial bodies can effectively offer loans to their clients. Such loans are mainly suitable for home improvement purposes, healthcare, and solar. GreenSky draws its finances from other financial institutions. The Company’s credit program put about 5 billion dollars in circulation from 2012 to 2016.

GreenSky  thrives by enrolling merchants to its system who in turn provide items for improving homes and facilitating elective medical procedures. Since it does not generate its operating capital, its popularity at the fintech market section is low.

Business Valuation and Operations

Notably, in 2016 GreenSky raised up to 50 million dollars’ worth of capital. Additionally, a 2 billion lending plan was established in partnership with the Fifth Third Bancorp of Cincinnati in Ohio. As a result, the firm gained a value of 3.6 billion dollars. According to The Wall Street Journal, this value was the key to GreenSky’s title as one of the most valuable private financial business establishments in technology.

GreenSky  mainly offers credit cards sup-plantation services for large companies. It seeks to enhance consumer-based spending on specific projects. Additionally, the firm develops a suitable payback period with fixed terms and interest rates. The GreenSky Chief Executive Officer notes that the firm is a technology-based firm and not a bank in competition. Through the SSAE lending program, the firm successfully runs its operations. More of this information is available at GreenSky’s Wikipedia page.


With a team of skilled, committed and experienced executives and employees, GreenSky  is ready to lead the financial technology sector.