Academy of Art University the Leader in Design

Academy of Art University is one of the unique institutions that deal with nurturing professionalism in art and design. The University of the Art was established in 1929 by an art director of Sunset magazine couple Richard S. Stephen and his wife, Clara. After their demise, they were succeeded by their son Richard A., in 1951 who was subsequently succeeded by Elisa, the daughter.

In a recent interaction with Elisa, she explained in details that the organization deals with a collection of more than 250 cars that are from the pre-war era. In order to accommodate more contemporary cars, some in the collection are sold to create space in the showroom. The institution does not only teach students in car designs but also introduces students to the vehicle restoration program. Students in the Academy of Art University have the opportunity to interact with prewar cars that offer perfect examples of coachbuilding techniques essential in design, but the students also interact with contemporary vehicles for career prospects. Soon, the university is planning to open its collection to the public to showcase their products. Some of the prewar cars in their collection is the 1929 Duesenberg Model J convertible sedan and among others.

The rich history of Academy of Art University dates back to 1929, the founder was a creative director, and his primary objective was to aspire students to become professional designers as well as an artist. Richard believed that through hard work, mentoring and dedication could enable the students to become professionals.

The Academy of Art University has state of the art facilities that allow the students to achieve professionals in the art and design field. Due to the state of the art facilities and curriculum in the different areas of study, the graduates of the institution have been hired by organizations such as Nike, Apple, Zynga among others.

Under the leadership of the current President Dr. Elisa Stephens, the University is keen on keeping up with the current changing trends in the technologies. The Academy of Art University has experienced robust growth, and it has a population of more than 18000 students making to become the largest private accredited in art and design.

The Academy of Art University: A Global Talent Nurturing Powerhouse

Education is the greatest tool you can use to change your life and shape up your destiny. Most of the successful people in the world today are people who embraced education and made it their priority. With education becoming a major requirement today, many learning institutions have come up. For those who had an opportunity to go through a list of the highly regarded learning institutions in the world today, they know The Academy of Art University is a great one. Besides being popular, the institution is growing stronger each day. Some people may not believe that the learning institution has been operational for more than 80 years.

On entertainment matters, this university is highly reputable. It has made the entertainment field more enticing and professional through the brightest minds it has developed. The institution isn’t just good in the entertainment industry, but also in the fashion field. The learning institution has several hallowed halls where about 13,000 students play, study, and work within these halls. More than 283 teachers work at The Academy of Art University on a full-time basis, while the part-time teachers are over 1,154.

The learning institution has a clear mandate and mission for its students. It’s not just concerned with giving certificates to their students after training, but also in shaping their career skills. The learning institution prepares its students for a great career in entertainment, liberal arts, and communications. The institution knows how to churn out a wide range of talents. Some students from this university have made huge Hollywood hits like “Dunkirk,” “Boss Bany,” “Big Hero 6,” “Avatar,” and “Sully.”

The university organizes some writing contests where some students win and get awards. Adriana Georgiades happens to win a scholarship after participating in one of the recent writing contests. It’s amazing to see how the society has embraced fashion today. Although objectivity and fairness in journalism have been achieved, The Academy of Art University is more concerned about how this could be maintained. It’s Richard S. Stephens who founded this great university in 1929. He was a painter, and he looked for a day the liberal arts would have their place in this world. The imprint of this university in the society has remained huge because of Richard’s passion for the arts.


Wax is a platform that is decentralized, which empowers anybody to operate an entirely working virtual commercial center with no investments in payment processing, infrastructure, and security. Wax was created by the OPSkins founders, the leading global commercial stage for online computer games resources. Wax is intended to cater for more than four hundred million online video game players who effectively sell, buy and collect in-game items.

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Malcolm CasSelle, WAX President, is extremely sure that the platform will bring tremendous progress in the industry. Malcolm said that the Industry of Gaming would propel the universe of digital money to the mainstream. Malcolm attended the Massachusetts Technology Institute. He has a Computer Science bachelor’s degree from the University of Stanford.

Malcolm CasSelle is OPSkins CIO and a successful entrepreneur. He previously served as the President and CTO of New Ventures, which was formerly known as Tribune Publishing. Malcolm was also a Senior General Manager and Vice President at SeaChange Digital Media.

Fortress Investment Group Co-Founder Randal Nardone Withheld After SoftBank Acquires the Company

Fortress Investment Group’s skilled co-founder, Randal Nardone, is also its CEO and its principal. 1998, the same year that the company was launched, saw Mr. Nardone become its principal, and 2013 saw him climb even higher and become Fortress Investment Group’s chief executive officer. He has performed outstandingly in both positions for years ever since. Fortress Investment Group is specializes in private equity, and it has made billionaires out of the five men who were involved in co-founding it. Randal Nardone holds a B.A. in Biology and English, which he earned upon graduating from the University of Connecticut. More impressively, he then studied law at the University of Boston and received his J.D.

Randal Nardone, who lives in New York with his family, has served some other positions outside of Fortress Investment Group. At Springleaf Holdings, LLC he is both the president and a chairman on the board. Newecastle Holdings is another company that Nardone currently serves, and his role as its vice president and secretary is quite important to the company. Before Fortress Investment Group, Mr. Nardone gained some extremely valuable experience within the financial sector during his time with BlackRock Financial. At BlackRock Financial Nardone worked quite diligently as a well-respected principal.

Recently, Fortress Investment Group was purchased by another company, which is known as SoftBank. Fortress Investment Group actually sold for a whopping $3.3 billion. After SoftBank acquired the private equity company, Randal Nardone was of the organization’s principals that needed to be withheld because they were so important to the company’s successful operations. The other principals that were withheld are named Wes Edens and Pete Briger. SoftBank founder, Masayoshi Son, was quite enthusiastic about the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group, and Mr. Nardone believes that Masayoshi Son’s leadership will leave the company in great hands moving forward. It is anyone’s guess just how much more growth Randal Nardone and Fortress Investment Group will experience with the help of Masayoshi Son and SoftBank. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group