Securus Technologies offers a Unique Public Safety Solution

The primary aim of Securus Technologies is to provide and improve public safety. The company is multi-faceted and it is responsible for the provision of cutting edge civil and criminal justice technologies. It offers service and tech devices to agencies dealing with public safety, correction and law enforcement. Most of their products are known to be highly secure, simple and very powerful compared to those of their competitors. The company is comprised of highly trained personal which include hundreds of patents and scores of engineers, designers, innovative thinkers and technologists. They all work together to develop some of unique products that are of the highest quality.


Securus Technologies is fully dedicated to being the best provider of high-tech software solutions. So far, most of its products have received praises from most of the users. They regard them as adaptable and very economical. The all rounded organization is also concerned with the family of friends who have their loved ones incarcerated. The company offers reliable communication platforms to these families to connect and interact with them. Securus Technologies also provide other services such as emergency response, incident management and inmate self-service.


The private company was founded in the year 1986 and has a task force of about 5000 employees. The primary objective of providing public safety solutions is guided and designed in a way that it help the law enforcers and cities to collect, consolidate, analyze and distribute valuable information in real time. The information supports the needs of immediate access to sensitive information for mobile law enforcement and dispatch of emergency response. In October 2016, the company released a report through an established online platform regarding a survey conducted on their customers. The report showed that most of the stakeholders and users of Securus Technologies products were satisfied with the service and the quality of products. The survey was conducted through email, phone interviews and letters. The company has a promising future as the consumer base is increasing at a rapid rate.