The Best Grades with UK Vintners

UK Vintners (UKV PLC) is a self-regulating wine merchant which focuses on the sale and acquisition of only the finest wines worldwide. They recently announced and posted the list of the 2016 holiday season best wines.

UK Vintners have strict criteria for selecting their employees hence their top wines always brings the wow factor from their clients. They act as brokers for individuals and business that deal with wines.

Here are the wines that made it to the top five this holiday season;


This was bottled in early 2008 and has several ingredients like cranberry and raspberry. The manufacturers of this wine are the famous Saint-Julien appellation and it is intended that it will be consumed approximately fifteen years from its bottling date. The saint-Julien appellation is known for their unique taste of wines and usually tops the chart in the industry. It is a softy fruity wine that guarantees to give a sense of jitters in the consumer’s tongue.


This is a spicy wine that was manufactured in 2009. Its spices include hints of sweet spiced pears, honey, apricot and other minor spices. Any prepared dessert for Christmas while blend effortlessly with D’Yquem. Chateau d’Yquem Winery, situated in Graves, France, takes credit for brewing this tasty bottle. Chateau d’Yquem Winery has been in the wine industry for more than four hundred years hence have the right experience and skill set to manufacture a mind blowing wine.


Bottled in early 1998 from the St.-Estephe area, this wine is tailor-made to suit a New Year’s Eve party or any holiday during this festive period. It is considered to be the best wine to ever originate from the vast region of St.-Estephe. The main component of the wine is Merlot grapes but has additives in the form of black cherry aromas, plum and earthy.

Ducru Beaucaillou

This was bottled in 2005 and its ingredients have now fully matured. Its maturity is evident from the dark purple colour and aged flavour it contains. It was bottled by Ducru Beaucailou winery which is the second oldest winery in Saint-Julien appellation in France.

Pichon Baron

This was bottled in 1998 and has now clocked its full maturity. This holiday season is the most ideal time to consume it. The wine is made of sweet toasty oak, hints of charcoal and black currants. The main game changer is by making it low in acids thus the taste is pronounced.

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Kevin Seawright is an All-around Economic Strategist and Philanthropist

Kevin Seawright is a Newark-based professional accountant and project manager. He has unrivaled experience of working across different sectors, ranging from local government, real estate, as well as education. He has built his career on a firm foundation of reliability and accountability. He has earned respect from other leading economic strategists due to his ability to oversee company reorganization strategies in New Jersey.

Seawright joins Newark CEDC (Newark Community Economic Development Corporation)

Newark CEDC, an organization that promotes economic development in New Jersey through attracting and expanding businesses, has named Kevin Seawright in its top leadership team. The entity spurs real estate development across the Newark city.

The appointment of Seawright, a high-ranking financial executive, and economic strategist is in line with Newark CEDC’s mission for tapping into new markets and establishing new businesses.

Seawright’s professional expertise

Seawright has leveraged his unsurpassed experience in the financial service industry to help East Coast communities actualize their ideas and establish prosperous businesses. His professional expertise spans around offering financial management services to local government agencies.

While serving as the Fiscal Officer of Commission on Aging and Retirement of Baltimore, Seawright developed and implemented a unique accounting system, which saved the entity over $100,000 in funds.

Subsequently, he joined the Baltimore’s Housing Authority as the Payroll Director and ascended to the position of Finance Director in charge of the Homeless Services Division.

Then, he became a senior employee of the Department of Recreation and Parks, holding the position of Chief Financial and Facilities Officer. Seawright retired from serving as an employee of the city of Baltimore by serving as the deputy COO in the education industry for six years.

Community involvement

Accoriding to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has been leading supporter and benefactor of several community initiatives. Seawright’s mission is to improve the quality of life and transform the world into a superb place to live. He served on the governing council of Babe Ruth Museum and offered training to several youth sports teams.

Seawright is a prominent member of professional associations such as National Association of Black Accountants, American Society for Public Administration, and National Forum for Black Public Administrators. Through Newark CEDC, he contributes to the development of the real estate and housing sector in Newark.