Andy Wirth’s Squaw Valley Redevelopment Awaits Final Approval

The expansion plan at Squaw Valley Resorts has passed yet another hurdle on its way to being approved. After being approved by the Placer County Planning Commission, the project has moved a step further this fall to the County Board of Supervisor for final discussion and approval.

The project is a redevelopment and completion of the incomplete base area Village at Squaw Valley to reestablish the ski resort as a preferred mountain resort destination as well as ensure a sustainable future for the community in the village.

90% of the project redevelopment is meant to improve existing asphalts and disturbed lands parking lots, creating more than 500 new year-round jobs to support tourism that’s not seasonally dependent. Read more: Season 4 Episode 11 – Squaw Valley – Undercover Boss Photos

The project will offer more than $150 million in new infrastructural services including EMS improvements, road, health institutions, and other utilities. $22 million to be generated in annual taxation will enhance the creation of public services including schools, public safety facilities, and parks.

Additionally, the rest of the money generated from the project will be dedicated to recreational planning to improve biking and hiking trails, create more parks, develop transit initiatives, and fund environmental initiatives.

Andy Wirth believes that Squaw Valley’s future is critical to the community across the region. As such, it is time to take action and support an environmentally and economically sustainable Squaw Valley for the next generation. He was particularly pleased with the project after succeeding to eliminate the current circumstance of traffic and transit.

About Andy Wirth

According to Sqawalpine and Crowdrise, Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resorts in California. He has worked tirelessly to make the region a number one tourist destination across the world. Andy is also the Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation (RASC) and Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees.

At RASC, Andy is involved in the development of air services and airports for major resorts and communities from Colorado to Quebec. Notably, he established the Reno-Tahoe International Airport and Alaska Airline Services among other airline utilities in different locations.

Additionally, he is a major supporter of environmental and community services around Lake Tahoe, with a special focus on improving the skiing space for all age groups in the region.

He is the founder of ‘Wounded Warrior’, an Ironman team that honors the fine men of the navy seal as well as raise money for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

How the Dodd-Frank Act Revolutionized the SEC

The role of the whistleblowers is to report wrongdoing and violation of securities laws to the Security and Exchange Commission. They may also report these cases to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. A whistleblower may receive an award after reporting a crucial case.

Who is a SEC Whistleblower Attorney?
Many cases of federal securities laws violation occur in various departments and sectors. However, a whistleblower’s attempt to report the case may be hindered by an employer or any other person who does not want to be exposed to the wrath of the law. Furthermore, an employer or any other person may understand that whistleblower has already reported a law violation case. As a result, loss of employment or any other unlawful consequences may follow the whistleblower. The SEC Whistleblower Attorney protects and addresses rights of a whistleblower in a court of law or any other law platform an example of a firm that does so is the Labaton Sucharow law firm. The Attorney can also present the case on behalf of the whistleblower. Learn more:

What Does SEC Whistleblower Attorney Role Imply?
In 2010, Dodd-Frank Act was enacted by the Congress. The Act was meant to protect the Whistleblowers who report any cases of violation or attempted violation of federal securities laws. Thus, the Act acted as an employment protection law that prevents any cases of whistleblower mistreatment by wrongdoers. Using this act, a SEC Whistleblower Attorney can proceed to the court to address for any case filed against a whistleblower. However, an Attorney does not blindly address a whistleblower’s case. He or she must be sure to ascertain that the whistleblower’s information is original and purely based on truth against the offender. In this light, an Attorney must make a move to research and investigate more about the case. This will help in providing evidence against an offender during the case. As a result, a whistleblower becomes protected under law.

Another role of the SEC Attorney is to represent the whistleblower during the law violation case reporting. Mostly, security issues are not fully guaranteed. Therefore, a whistleblower may fear going forward to report the case him/herself. Thus, the SEC Attorney becomes an essential intermediary between the anonymous whistleblower and the court or any other law platform. The attorney present the law violation case based on the original and truthful information as provided by the whistleblower.

IAP: No Job is Too Small

IAP Worldwide Services specializes in making any logistics issue possible. They are an advanced technical services and mobility company with over 2,000 employees and 25 countries they service around the world.

Their mission; to solve demanding logistics challenges for both the public and private sector. It is the company’s policy to find solutions for the unexpected, the most challenging aspects.

IAP Worldwide is a global logistics and facilities management company. They take on the unexpected logistics needs from those that occur due to natural disasters or overseas battlefields. The plan, manage and operate military facilities, remote research centers, facilities for manufactured products and more. The point is that IAP has the knowhow to support their clients work needs.

They have been in business for more than 60 years and have built a reputation as a reliable market leader that exceeds their client needs.

New Developments
To help expand their service and make it more efficient IAP acquired DRS Technologies, an Aviation and Logistics service company located in Oklahoma City. They also acquired the Tactical Communications & Solutions company located in Aberdeen, an aircraft repair management company. They will integrate the capabilities of both companies into their long-term growth plans.

Read more:
IAP Worldwide Services Jobs

IAP Worldwide Services jobs at

The IAP Corporate Responsibility
IAP Worldwide Services started their path to success by caring for both their employees and their clients. To them it’s not about how they treat customers but about how the treat everyone. They show their gratitude to the many communities they work in.

The IAP Corporate Values
The goals of their clients are their own and this company does not rest until it delivers results and getting these means more than just solving a logistics issue. It’s about aligning actions with moral and ethical conducts.

IAP began back in the 1950s as Pan Am Word Services, a company that began building and operating America’s first space launch complex in Cape Canaveral, Fl. The company helped in the testing of more than 2,000 launches including missiles and the shuttle flights. For the next 50 years the company offered maintenance and facilities as well as construction management and engineering options for thousands of clients around the world.

Bottom Line
Today, IAP Worldwide is one of the leading logistics and facilities companies in the world. They offer services to a variety of clients in both the public and private sector. This large scale company can handle any logistics need a company might have.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services:

Seattle Genetics Soaring Higher in Revenue

A recent conference call by the leaders of Seattle Genetics brought some good news to the table. Total revenues for the second quarter of 2016 were up to $95.4 million, which was a marked improvement from last year, over 20%. The overall tone of the press release was very positive. The CEO of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall, Ph.D, observed, “I’m pleased by the progress we’ve made over the past several months.”

Clay Siegall‘s overall vision for Seattle Genetics is a company that develops antibodies that fight cancer. The success of their product indicates that the public and medical community has taken notice. Government statistics indicate cancer diagnosis rates are at 454.8 per 100,000 people, or roughly 1 in 200 people a year in the United States alone. This is unacceptably high, and explains the strong demand for Seattle Genetics antibody cancer products. Seattle Genetics specializes in treating lymphoma cancers, which occur from toxic build up in the human body’s lymph system.

Siegall says it this way, “Our goal is to redefine the way frontline HL and mature T-cell lymphoma patients are treated.” As a highly educated professional with degrees in Zoology and Genetics, Siegall feels qualified to tackle the challenge of beating cancer.

Seattle Genetics is headquartered in Bothell, Washington. It was founded in 1998 with the express goal of helping people who are living with cancer. Seattle Genetics has licensing agreements with drug industry megalith Pfizer, which has helped it garner helpful additional revenue.


Darius Fisher is Awarded for his Integrity

In recent news, the leader of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, has been awarded a high honor for not only co-founding the business, but for also offering excellent and expert PR strategies and marketing solutions to clients located all over the world. This individual is names Darius Fisher and has been officially given the Business Development Individual of the Year award of 2016. This award is a prestigious honor that recognized Status Labs as being the top company to go to for reputation management. As companies become more and more reliant on technology and the internet, it has become a beneficial tactic for any company to invest in solutions to resolve and to prevent negative content from ruining a business. Status Labs not only can eliminate negative content off of the first few pages of the search, but can also create a unique plan for the client to prevent any other negative content from surfacing.

As the founder of a successful online reputation management firm, Darius Fisher has continued to work hard to not only inspire his employees to do the same, but to also show clients that this company has the best and most unique solutions to any problem there is. Darius Fisher and his hardworking employees have showed and demonstrated their work numerous times and have procured over 1,500 clients that are located in 35 different countries all over the world. Each one of these clients has remained loyal to Status Labs which speaks volumes for the quality of the services that are provided.

As a leader, Darius Fisher has worked hard to create a bond of trust among his peers and to provide incentive and creativity initiatives to get the job done quickly and efficiently. This means that the goal of the each client becomes the goal of Status Labs which is to increase revenue as well as the number of customers.