Watch Out for HOT Summer JustFab Collection- SANDALS!

As a JustFab veteran of over 5 years, I have been enjoying the diversity new designs, trends, and styles that enter the company every single year. JustFab has worked with Supermodelssuch as Kimora Lee Simmons, rock stars like Avril Lavigne (her Abbey Dawn was to die for), and with celebrity mega stylers.

This summer is not an exception. I will share what MY personal closet will look like this month in the SANDALS category. But first, let me explain what is a “personal closet.”

Personal closets

If you are not a JustFab member yet, this is essentially what you get: For $39.95 a month, which gets drafted from whichever account or credit card you put on file, you start earning StylePoints toward the purchase of items. Every item is $39.95 or less, so you can shop right away, or save the monthly credit for a huge splurge.

What items can I get?

You can choose from shoes (pumps, sandals, heels, flats, and even sport shoes), dresses, jewelry, accessories, and amazing bags.

What do they look like?

When you first sign up, you take a style quiz that will determine your fashion style. I have taken my quiz a lot of different times, every time I want the stylist to suggest a new idea for me. They always get it right!

The personalized stylist of JustFab is a glam genius that will put together all the options that you can think of in fashion, bags, shoes, accessories, hats, and everything else, only with your style in mind, and in your unique “closet.”

NOTE: My closet does not look like my best friend’s closet when we go online at the same time. She has her style and I have mine. I love that!

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Did You Know that Just Fab Introduced a Plus Size Collection?

JustFab Summer Shop


This month, my sandals categories included my VIP (I’ve been with them so long) special of getting any pair 50% off. As a new member, you will have a chance to get a second pair of shoes for 50% off or free, depending on the campaign.

My sandals, therefore, will be quite cheap. This month the highlights were:


Check out the ALEXANDRA Featuring cut-out construction and lace-up closure in faux leather, and available in black and taupe. It is true to size, and at $20 for VIPs it is a steal.

CAMILA- A lace up flat of suede construction and a wrap-around ankle tie,this beauty comes in red, black and taupe. Warning: The red goes fast ALWAYS.

ARONIA- This gladiator sandal comes in leopard and black. It is a dream to wear because it is a slip on. It features lace up fastening, faux leather detail, and an open back counter.

LILAH- An easy-to-obsess look, Lilah is a slide on with toe-ring detail and raw edge in faux leather. It is perfect for the beach and comes in gold metallic or black.

ROWAN- The Coachella favorite has a back zip closure with a fringe in jewel trim. Rowan comes in black and taupe with golden jewelry fixings.

If you have a closet similar to mine, or wish to try my styles, just go to JUSTFAB and enter the name of any of my favorites. You will see them in every size available. Be quick, though! JustFab sandals fly off the shelves like hotcakes!

Olympic Valley Incorporation Hindered

As published in the Reno-Gazette Journal, It has been a hard time for the north shore communities of Lake Tahoe.

There has been a drought which affected the winter resorts and the small businesses that depend on them and also a major political challenge in the form of an incorporation battle over Olympic Valley, which is the home of Squaw Valley, and some of North America’s great winter sports terrain.

The Squaw Valley Ski Holdings has spent much time and money opposing the incorporation effort since it could resort to higher taxes to both the residents and businesses in the area.

This inclusion would diminish the levels of services that people are reliant on such as maintenance of roads and snow plowing and alienate the Olympic Valley from the other North Shore communities which pool their resources together to deal with regional issues with much ease according to Andy Wirth.

The supporters of the incorporation effort withdrew from their effort to incorporate Olympic Valley, which had posed a risk to the area’s business which Wirth termed as a real recipe for disaster and long-term threat to operating businesses in the area.

The incorporation supporters accused Ski Holdings of having self-motives to counter the establishment and Ski Holdings feared to answer to a future town council of residents making land use decisions, hence opting to go through the Auburn, Calif-based Placer County Board of Supervisors for land use issues according to the incorporation drive organizer Fred Oldfield.

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings rejected this interpretation, and with the inclusion effort hindered, Wirth says that they would want the community to work hand in hand on transport and other issues that go past Olympic Valley.

According to the powder magazine, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings announced plans to build a gondola that would connect Squaw Valley to Alpine Meadows.

CEO of Squaw Valley and Andy Wirth President and Alpine Meadows ski resorts is focusing on making the ski area one of the best tourist destinations in the World. He is a major contributor to environmental and community service organizations and improves Lake Tahoe area in general.

The RSCVA Board appointed Wirth in 2013 because of his widespread practice in international resort management and has worked with a range of airlines to develop more flights for resorts in Utah, Colorado, and Canada. Andy has served as a link connecting Lake Tahoe and Reno-Sparks region, while representing an airport that is the Gateway to Lake Tahoe.

After a near-death skydiving accident, Andy Wirth co-founded a team they call “Wounded Warrior Support.” To support special operations team members and their families after they return home. In glorification of the good-looking men of the Navy SEALs, the team raises funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

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Android Phone Users Can Now Get Unlimited FreedomPop Wi-Fi Service

When FreedomPop first came on the scene, the carrier was determined to have as many free services as possible, and the company has kept their promise. FreedomPop delivered many different services that are free of charge, but they’ve also added low-cost services, such as unlimited Wi-Fi usage that has millions of hotspots around the USA. For a fee of five dollars each month, a FreedomPop customer can use unlimited Wi-Fi on the FreedomPop network, and they can access the hotspots in tens of millions of locations with more coming all the time.

These hotspots are very valuable to those who want to use as little of their data from their cell phone carrier as possible, even if they are not current FreedomPop users. Those who want to cut back on how much data they are using will switch over to Wi-Fi whenever there is a connection available. Many do fear revealing their personal information when they are on a Wi-Fi network that is accessible by anyone. The Wi-Fi being offered by FreedomPop is different than standard Wi-Fi because each person is required to insert their personal information in order to get the service.

Those who pay for the monthly service will be able to use it and can automatically connect to the service without continuously having to put in the information every time they log on. The fact that each person must pay for the Wi-Fi service means that every person is accountable for the Wi-Fi they are using, and this makes the use of the Wi-Fi network from FreedomPop a lot safer. The fact that a person can pay as little as five dollars each month to use unlimited Wi-Fi is not only a good deal but also great for those who want to make Wi-Fi phone calls through their cell phone.

Wi-Fi phone calls are just as high-quality as phone calls made by using cell towers, but it’s possible to get these phone calls for free, which can also save a cell phone user a lot of money. The FreedomPop unlimited Wi-Fi service is also amazing because of the fact that it has 4G LTE service, which means downloading and sending anything across the Internet through Wi-Fi will be just as fast as if the person was to use 4G LTE services from their cell phone service provider. FreedomPop is clearly the best choice for those who want unlimited Wi-Fi.

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Editors Call Out for Administrators to Solve Site Harassment Issues


Social media harassment is inevitably everywhere including Wikipedia. Tech.Mic reports that a recent email published in one of the web encyclopedia portrayed some of challenges editors experience while navigating their way into the social spaces online and why site administrators should come up with a solution to ensure a safer browsing and Wiki edits community.


The editors claimed of having been attacked and “called names” while he volunteered to edit something that he thought was meaningful. To his surprise, he was accused of being site obsessive and constantly lectured on policy adherence which he thought he did. As the editor wrote to Wikimedia email, (Wikimedia is Wikipedia parent’s organization) as he disagreed with the Wikipedia editors he was finally block from the site. The editors expressed his disappointment claiming that after spending hours researching for an article that he required, the resources or rather the material that he used as a reference was ripped away.


Even though it’s difficult to prove the validity of the editor’s claim and complaints, his pain appear to have struck the chord of a couple of other editors who piped up to say that they had similarly experienced the same obstruction on their editing platforms.


And as Tech.Mic reports, the bulk of online harassment mainly occur on social media networks including Facebook and Twitter. However, it can also occur on large scale crowded sites where important social elements are serving as pointless grounds of abuse.


Civility in Wikipedia however, is among the five principles governing the activities of the site. Though it can be challenging to enforce good behaviors on an online site, the company maintains communication between users, contributors and editors to ensure that it can respond to issues like the one concerning the recent editors in a convenient and prompt manner. The details to these information can be accessed here. Wikipedia publishers are on the forefront to ensure that they provide support to other community members who utilize the resource on a routine basis.


According to a statement by a Wikimedia spokesman, Wikipedia editors are entrusted to safeguard the wellbeing of the site’s project users on a 24/7 rotation basis to ensure so that they reply feedbacks relating to emergency, threat or any other form of civility. Everyone can also make any Wikipedia revision so long as they provide reputable sourced references, formatted academically and appropriately in accordance to stipulated rules and regulations.


How to get onto Wikipedia:

A Wikipedia page can be very helpful for business. If you’d like a Wikipedia without all the hassling and bullying of the Wiki community, check out Get Your Wiki. They are a professional Wikipedia writing company and their Wikipedia writers for hirecan help you craft any Wikipedia page you want. Contact them here.

Igor Cornelsen Can Explain What Happens “After Dilma”

“So Brazil’s President Dilma has been suspended, now what?” Is Brazil a safe investment? Listen to what Brazilian banking expert Igor Cornelsen thinks about Brazilian investing going forward.

“Why Was Dilma Suspended?”

Corruption was the charge that got Dilma suspended, but why was a man who was also being investigated allowed to replace Dilma: Vice President Michel Temer. Does something smell fishy? Source:

Brazilians have increased their expectations as a member of the BRICS. Unfortunately, the economy declined under Dilma. When Dilma too office in January 2011, the currency exchange rate was 1.0 Brazil real to 0.60 US dollars. In April 2016, the currency exchange rate was 1.0 Brazil real to 0.28 United States dollars. Thus, part of the cause for Dilma’s suspension might have been poor economic performance.

“Did Brazil Suffer in 2008?”

In 2008 according to Igor Cornelsen, the United States told the world that Capitalism was about to collapse if the bankers were not bailed out. The global capital markets froze up. How bad was the crisis in Brazil?

The truth is that Brazil fared better than many nations for one simple reason: Brazil banks did not purchase toxic American mortgage-backed securities (MBS). While there were fewer foreign investors in Brazil, the banking sector was quite well-insulated. See:

“Understanding Brazilian Banking”

Brazil’s Native Son Igor Cornelsen has explained the ins-and-outs of Brazilian banking during his CNBC interview. A nation’s banking sector is a microcosm of the culture. Brazil simply has its own way of doing things.

While the United States was starting its Civil War, Brazil was starting its Caixa Economica Federal in 1861. Caixa is the public bank responsible for unemployment insurance, Bolsa Familia and 70% of the nation’s mortgages. The Brazilian banking market has a high upside, according to Igor Cornelsen.

Proves Their Worth By Repairing Their Own Reputation

Status Lab is a digital online reputation firm that specializes in helping people and companies repair their image in times of crisis or maintain a good image. Based in Austin, founder of Status Labs, Darius Fisher is often referred to as a whiz kid due to the international success the company has achieved within a reasonably small amount of time.

Given this, the company found itself in a perilous situation when it suffered it’s own reputation crisis due to the actions made by a former executive of the company. The local news broke a small story about a few actions that this executive made and soon it snowballed into a story that could have ruined the reputation of Status Labs.

However, Status Labs is much more than the one executive they quickly dismissed, and given the fact that they have over a 1,000 clients that they have successfully helped Fisher knew what to do quickly. It turns out the company knew how to practice what they preach.

Status Labs has built their business model based on the principle that a change in behavior is essential in order for a change in reputation to occur, so that is what they did in this situation. They started by changing the leadership in the company. The executive that started the crisis was forced to resign ad then their PR team gave this news to the media along with an open letter. They also attached a team photo to the press release in order to show real human faces behind their company name.

Second, Status Labs took a step back and realized that they did not engage enough with the local community of Austin they worked within. This made it simple for the news to become negative, so they quickly turned this around by spending the last year working with a dozen different local charities. Not only did it show that they are team that cares about the community, but it also ultimately helped to rebuild team morale.

According to O’Dwyer PR, The company is now back on top of their game and their blooming client list proves that their reputation is once again safe. Plus, who better to help repair a reputation then a company that proves they can do it?

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Socialism for the Betterment of the World: Thor Halvorssen

Socialism is the political and economic theory of social organization that believe that the means of production, distribution, and exchange of a product should be owned and regulated by the community as a whole and not by a minority few or one body or person. According to Halvorssen, a human rights activist and a believer in freedom and equal rights for all individuals, socialism has many sides by which it can be looked at such as historical, academic or policies from other countries which can be socialist. It all depends on and comes down to the government of the day and the leaders governing the given country.

Thor Halvorssen is an activist, of human rights and the president of Human Rights Foundation and also the patriarch of the Oslo Freedom Forum. His belief in everybody having fundamental rights and freedom is deeply rooted. Having experienced this first hand, from his father who was a political prisoner for his believe and fight for people to have freedom and not be oppressed, to his mother having been shot dead for the same belief and his first cousin is a prisoner at Venezuela, his stands on issues to deal with human rights become more clearer and stronger.

He believes that socialism is not evil, but if used by the wrong hands, masking under this policy, they may take advantage and use this to destroy the economy of a country and the nation itself, by looting and having resources misused. This can be done by the parties involved setting various prices for commodities only because they want and have the capability to set them as they want. As a result of this, there is massive shortage of the product at this moment bringing a humanitarian crisis.

A nation that redistributes wealth will not help much in eradicating poverty. Poverty can be dealt with by a government being able to provide more money for the citizens of the country and there being enough, hence dealing with debt. The human rights activist believes that Senator Bernie Sanders has a good view of socialism and would support him and his moves than others in the party. Thor believes that if there is a real rule of law, socialism is good and can work correctly to better the economy of a country and lead to prosperity of the said nation.

More on Halvorssen here:

How Helane Morrison is a role model for every career woman

Everything needs regulation in this world. Even freedom comes with responsibly. As a result, many organizations and even governments are rule-governed to ensure that everybody does what is expected of them. A country with no rules is left at the mercy of anarchists who will do everything to disrupt the good of the people, and that is where government comes in; to maintain law and order. Compliance in business is one of the areas that brings such legislation and law. Compliance has gained prominence over the years as people come to terms with the changing tides. It’s evitable that the rule of law will always prevail in such circumstances.


Stock investment has so much featured in media over time due to its complex nature. Few people would claim success in the venture more so due to the economic, financial and legal complications it involves. The very few number of women in this field connotes how turbulent it is. Helane L Morrison however, has made significant strides in this area. She was born some 46 years ago and has risen through the ranks to occupy the highest office in this market.
Morrison is an expert in economics and legal issues to do with stock investments. She is the current Managing Director, esteemed legal counsel and the Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital Partners. She is also a member of the organization’s Executive Committee where she performs superbly. She is of very high reputation and was the first woman district administrator in the USA. Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners in 2007 and was previously heading the San Francisco office of the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission from 1999. Morrison also has a background in legal practice in securities enforcement, litigation, and regulations. She had the above responsibilities while she served as the District Administrator and regional director in North California and the Northwest States. She has an incredible track record and also much decorated to be envied by any aspiring executive in stock markets. She headed the stock exchange committee of San Francisco from 1996 to 1999.Her principal duties were representing the organization legally in business matters and financial committees. She also handled government issues to do with the Stock Exchange Committee. Morrison worked through all the hardships in the field, and her performance was splendid. She committed to her duties and accumulated much skill to become an excellent and valued resource.

The Exciting Future of Madison Street Capital

Things were better in the hedge fund universe in general in 2015 than 2014. Deal closures were up. In total, hedge funds around the world saw 42 deals close. This was up from 2014, which saw the closing of 32 deals. Transaction volume was up. In 2015 transaction volume was up 27% from 2014. Unfortunately, despite the all-time high of hedge fund case closures, most of them have performed just average. There are a number of reasons for this. Mostly, it is because since more investors are opting for investment alternatives, managers are increasingly being strapped for funds for adequate management of their responsibilities.

That being said, Karl D’Cunha, Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital says that 2016 looks to have even more case closures than 2015. Madison is making new innovations to ensure that the performance of this closed cases is better than just mediocre. D’Cunha predicts that the entire face of the hedge fund industry will also be changing. Madison Street is also working to make its face more real to the public of the United States. Madison is teaming with United Way to help businesses across the nation who have been hard hit by natural disaster.

While maintaining this stellar philanthropic environment, Madison is maintaining an equally stellar and world-class professional environment. And it definitely has the right personnel to face such a future. It is girded with some of the most knowledgeable, experienced, and capable professionals in the business, professionals who know all too well the extreme importance of creating and maintaining authentic relationships with clients. They also have the ability to tailor each situation to the client’s specific and unique needs.

If you are looking to join the investment field, you can do little better than starting with Madison. They are set up to help with any level of investment banking, restructuring service, valuation, private equity, corporate advisory service, and much more. Madison also has the knowledge and know-how to operate all of these in a wide range of business industries throughout the world. You will find Madison Street Capital’s headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. However, Madison has offices all over the world in North America, Africa, and Asia.

Check them out on their website at or call 1-312-529-7000. You will find they are not only legitimate, but exactly what you need to succeed in the field. Join the ever-changing hedge fund industry in the promising future that is in 2016.

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Brian Bonar Receives Prestigious Award

Chairman of Dalrada Corporation Brian Bonar just received a prestigious honor. The financial genius was recently named Executive of the Year in Finance by Cambridge’s Who’s Who Registry. Each year, a top male and female in their field is chosen for the honor. The committee selects honorees based on their leadership, professional achievements and contributions.

Brian Bonar has over 30 year experience in finance and has headed operations at Dalrada for over 2 decades. As CEO, he oversees a number of employer and employee products which creates higher efficiency. Specifically, the company manages workers compensation, employee benefits and financial and business marketing.

Bonar is also the CEO of Smart-Tek and serves on the board of Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc. Bonar says he is humbled and very surprised by the award.

He also wanted to acknowledge the other nominees for their exlemplary dedication to their respective fields. For more information about Dalrada and other Brian Bonar associations, please go to the company website. The executive has a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from Strathclyde University in Ireland. He also has a MBA and Phd. from Stafford University.

Shortly after college, Brian Bonar was hired on as Director of Engineering at QMS according to an article on PR News Wire. He later joined IBM International, a company he still has a relationship with today. Bonar either worked as board chairman or CEO of Tradeland Corp., Greenland Products, Solvis Group Inc., Adept Tek and Bezier Systems.

He has worked in a variety of areas including sales, management, quality assurance and engineering – Imaging Technologies CEO Brian Bonar Interviewed on Today, Bonar is also dabbling in the restaurant business. The Scottish entrepreneur owns Bellamy in North County, and his working on the opening of a new one.

Recently, his native Scotland honored him with the title of Lord Bonar of Wilcliffe. He is also known for his philanthropy and sits on the board of directors of the Boys and Girl’s Club.

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