Eric Lekofksy: Implications of Cancer Moonshine for Health Care Systems Today

Cancer is a growing initiative that is recognized at the federal level. Last year President Obama introduced a renewed effort for oncology with Cancer Moonshot. The goal of this initiative is to improve the progress of cancer research and accelerate the way that supporters can achieve research and treatment success. This is a large and admirable objective that is based on the way that researchers and institutions can work alongside industry in order to create sustainable solutions in the field of cancer research.

Overcoming obstacles within the healthcare system will help diagnosis and the way that drugs are discovered. Public funding as well as private philanthropic support is important to achieve these outcomes. By continuing research and involving large amounts of data, it is possible for ideas and findings to be incorporated into new treatment goals and outcomes.

There are also challenges to institutionalization which will need to be overcome. Some examples include the incorporation of new technology in highly regulated infrastructure. It can often take time to adopt new systems and innovations within industries such as healthcare, because of regulations regarding implementing change.

Cancer research has been significantly affected by these standards because of the slow incorporation of technological advancements. Involving information technology and integrating modern software tools is incredibly important when it comes to advancements in cancer research. By incorporating major technology in the platform and institutionalized systems, it’s possible for greater results to be determined when it comes to medical research.

If physicians have access to tools that are integrated and quickly accessible, it is possible for a lot more information that analyzes critical data to be easily available for science and institutional research at large. Eric Lefkofksy of TempusLabs explains that researchers currently don’t have enough data in order to find large-scale applications and potential opportunities for treatment. There is a great deal of data that is isolated because therapeutic and molecular information is not available at a in a collective data set or pool. Public data sets are very small and can include up to approximately 20,000 patients which is not a large enough sample size to create lasting results of analysis. The future of cancer research will benefit significantly from cross-institutional collaboration in order to achieve the standards set forth in Cancer Moonshot.

Growing Professional The America Institute Of Architects

It is a professional organization of architectures that was established in 1857, with headquarters in Washington, D.C, with a primary agenda to build individual architect members and boost the profession. Robert Ivy is the current Chief Executive Officer as well as executive vice president.

America Institute Of Architects drafted a constitution as soon as it was formed, then it was adjusted to suit the needs of its members to enhance the practical, scientific and artistic profession. With the amendments, the architects would work together as one team to raise the standard of their profession as well as its reputation. Architects from other cities joined America Institute of Architects, AIA, which led to the formation of more chapters and by the year 2008, it had more than 300 of them.

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The institute had its 150th anniversary in 2007. In honor of the anniversary, its headquarter design was named ‘American Centre for Architecture’ and is home to the institute’s students, Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture and the National Architectural Accrediting Board. Robert Ivy continuously communicates the value of design and has been honored for the same. The members of the organization have a code of conduct, both ethics and professional, to assure the general public, its customers and colleagues of loyalty to the professionalism of the highest level.

AIA has almost 100,000 licensed architects and associates as its members. Under Robert Ivy’s leadership, the organization is determined to prove the impacts that buildings make in the environment, through the efforts of its members. There are five levels of membership.

Architect members are the ones who practice architect with a license authority approval in the USA.
Associate members practice architect under a professional architect, are studying architecture or are interns waiting to earn licensure.
International Associate Members are the architects with a license from a relevant authority outside the USA.
Allied members have professions related to architecture such as planners or engineers.
Emeritus members have been members for more than 15 years, are 65 years or and have been disabled to work in architecture.

Students in AIA do not have a category of membership. The CEO, Robert Ivy, leads the organization’s staff which is made of more than 200 full-time employees. He influences the architects to have a sustained effort to better their profession. The team is set to develop software that will enable engineers, architects, and designers to engage among themselves more conveniently as well as the members of the public.


The Contribution of Kate Hudson to the prosperity of Fabletics Firm

It is worth acknowledging the fact that the crowd’s ability has a significant impact on the rate at which consumers make purchases. At the moment, it is essential that a consumer consider the product’s review by the people before purchasing the same. This contributes a lot towards the final decision on the price at which product costs. It also brings about the implication that the more significant percentage of the consumers have a considerable level of trust in the reviews. Following this change that consumers’ behavior underwent, it is worth noting that the Savvy brands transformed their marketing mode and made up their mind to focus on a marketing strategy that is based on reviews. Fabletics is among Savvy brands and has additionally kept the focus of their marketing style on the one that is review-based.


The establishment of Fabletics took place in 2013. From then onwards, the company has undergone remarkable transformations characterized by a growth record that exceeds two-hundred percent. This is about revenue inclusive of an amount exceeding $235 that entails the payment of the members. The capability associated with utilizing the reviews’ dominance contributes significantly to the firm’s growth rate. The reports often sway the customers through raising their loyalty, acquisition as well as embracing the retention of the brand in most of the firms. The Fabletics firm deals with the empowerment of women. It also gives them the inspiration for being strong and being their selves. The implication, in this case, is that they do not have to act on their shape, age or size.


Gregg Throgmartin is broadly known for being the Fabletics’ president. His initial idea was that Kate Hudson was none other than the individual of his preference towards working with. It is worth noting that he is not only an approachable but also an easy going individual. Without taking long after getting into partnership Kate Hudson, the latter got busy with the involvement with the firm’s activities. Such an instance is seen through her commitment towards reviewing the budgets and design procedure of the firm.


Most of the celebrities often fail to do well in their duties as they do not make use of the products that they endorse. The case of Kate Hudson is entirely different as she has been continually making use of Fabletics. Kate Hudson’s advice worth appreciation regards the significance enhancing a partnership with their parent firm TechStyle.

She is an outstanding individual as she outlines that she isn’t prepared to quit the job even though she already encountered success.

The Definition of Beneful is Popular

Beneful is the enchanting definition of wholesome, and organic. When you come in direct contact with this name you will feel sincerity, and honesty. It also has an organic terminology that can be used to anchor your decision on the name, or its products. It is a sweet blend of transparency, and all-natural products, or names. It is a very popular British name for a girl, or a boy, but widely used for young boys. Most people are familiar with the Beneful pet food brand known for their all-natural real meat, and vegetables. If it’s Beneful, it’s a brand, or name you can trust.

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How Businessman Eric Lefkofsky contributes to Cancer Research

If you’re unfamiliar with Eric Lefkofsky, he is a successful entrepreneur and the Co-founder of Groupon, an e-commerce marketplace, predicated on connecting subscribers with a variety of merchants in over 28 countries. Additionally, Lefkofsky Co-founded several other businesses including Echo Global Logistics, Media Ocean, and Innerworkings; these various companies have generated over $1.79 billion in revenue for the American businessman, who has been regarded as one of the most successful in the e-commerce sector.

Although Eric’s focus is tethered to the business world, he is also very interested in the medical industry; in fact, in 2015, he founded Tempus, a business based on bridging technology and medicine. According to Lefkofsky, Tempus allows physicians to archive an infinite amount of patient data into genomic cancer libraries, which in turn, allows them to compare DNA information from a host of patients. These comparisons could potentially help physicians provide treatment options, that have been proven effective, based on genetic profiles, to patients diagnosed with similar types of cancer. What does this mean in layman’s terms? Once a particular course of treatment has been proven effective, physicians will be able to prescribe those same treatments to new patients, who have been diagnosed with the same illnesses.

Eric Lefkofsky has been lauded for his business acumen, but he is also quite the humanitarian; in 2006, he founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which aims to support educational organizations around the globe. The support is provided to these organizations in the form of financial and scientific contributions; in fact, the organization has already donated over $1 million to Northwestern University, which will benefit the university’s Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has also donated $500,000 to Stanford University to help support their gastric cancer research. So far, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation has helped upwards of 50 organizations through its charitable work.

In addition to all of his business achievements, and contributions to medicine, Lefkofsky is also heavily involved in his community; he is on the board of directors for several organizations including the Museum of Science and Industry, the Art Institue of Chicago, and Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital.


Betsy DeVos Pioneers in Education, Business, and Politics

Elizabeth Betsy DeVos is an American politician, the 11th and current Secretary of Education of the United States, and a renowned businesswoman. She was born on 8th January 1958 in Holland, Michigan, the United States. She married Dick DeVos in 1980. She is currently holding the office of the US Secretary of Education since 2017. Besty DeVos is a member of the Republican Party. She is known for her school voucher programs, school choice, and charter schools. She still advocates for the Detroit charter school system. From 1992 to 1997, she held the position of being the Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan. DeVos also served as the chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party from 1996 to 2000 and got reelected to the same post in 2003.


Forbes listed the DeVos family as the 88th most affluent family in America with an estimated value of $ 5.4 billion. President Donald Trump nominated Betsy DeVos for the position of Education Secretary which the senate later confirmed in a historical party-line vote whereby the tie breaking vote by the Vice President, Mike Pence, made her the Secretary of Education.


Betsy is the chairperson of the Windquest Group which is a privately owned and operating group investing in manufacturing, clean water, and technology. The Betsy and her husband founded the organization in 1989. DeVos and her husband also produced a Broadway run of the stage play Scandalous in 2012 which was about the life of the famous evangelist and featuring a book and lyrics written by Lee Gifford. The family is also the chief investors and board members of Neurocore which is a group of brain performance centers offering biofeedback therapy for disorders including autism, depression, anxiety, and attention deficit disorder. Her investment in the Neurocore company range from $ 5 million to $ 25 million.


Her philanthropic work began with the launch of Betsy and Dick DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. Faith is the motivation behind the foundation’s contributions. It focuses on accelerating transformation, cultivating leadership, and working with support for education, arts, community, administration, and justice. The DeVos Foundation gave $ 11.6 million towards charitay, amounting to a lifetime charity donations of $ 139 million by the couple.


Forbes listed the DeVos family as the 24th top givers in America. The DeVos Family Foundation donates to health research, hospitals, Christian schools, independent think-tanks, and evangelistic missions. The foundation funds organizations such as Injustice for Justice, Center for Individual Rights, Michigan’s Foundation for Traditional Values, and Baptists for Life. The foundation supports privately run Christian schools, charter schools, and even public schools. The foundation donated $ 2.89m to Grand Rapids Christian High School Association and another $458,000 to Holland Schools.


Betsy DeVos is an innovator, a proven leader, an advocate, and a disruptor. She is a pioneer in politics, business, and education in fighting to enact change and creating environments which enable people to thrive. Her current political efforts are towards advancing educational choices.


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How The New Recycling Facility Benefits The Community Around Orange Coast College

As one of the largest colleges in Orange County, California, Orange Coast College brings a number of benefits to the community in which it operates. Among these is serving as a place for people to recycle a large number of materials. They recently finished the construction of a new recycling facility which will help the community and the environment even more than it has in the past.

The new recycling facility took construction crews almost a year and a half to complete and cost over $7 million. It is located on five acres and offers much more parking than the older facility did that it replaced. Orange Coast College has been offering recycling services for over 40 years but its older facility was much smaller than the new one is. Other improvements include showers and offices for the staff as well as a meeting area and other rooms that can be used as needed in the future.

The new Orange Cost College recycling facility can accept a broad range of recyclable products and materials. This includes aluminum cans, glass containers, old appliances, metal scraps, and plastic containers depending on what type they are. They also accept paper products whether they are magazines, cardboard, or the like. Some materials that can be recycled the person dropping it off can be compensated for, such as HDPE plastic.

Orange Coast College was established in 1947. It now has over 25,000 students in attendance each semester. It is located in the city of Costa Mesa and there are beaches on the Pacific that can be reached in minutes from the campus. They offer over 135 different academic and career programs, up to two years in length. Many students end up graduating from this college and then attending a four-year university in order to complete their educations.

As an accredited school by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Orange Coast College offers classes throughout the year. They have the distinction of raking first out of all of the colleges in Orange County whose students go on to transfer to four-year programs at California State University and the University of California. Learn more:


Academy of the Arts: Fashion Week with general information

This article will recap another article regarding the Academy of Art University and a fashion show it was a part of. Then it will jump into some general information about it. The New York Fashion Week is the set up where new names are discovered and are shown to the public. This is a very rare opportunity to do something like this.

So far, there has been 21 of these showcases. The latest one was a couple weeks ago on Friday, September 9, 2017. It took place at Skylight Clarkson Square. In this year, there were ten recent MFA and BFA graduates who showed all new collections of five womenswear and two menswear collections. Also, there were two collaborations.

There are diverse backgrounds of the designers who participated. Some places were coastal Maine and mainland China. There was a great range of techniques of craftsmanship, ideas, and silhouettes. These techniques truly grabbed the interest of the attendance. There were famous models there as well. Even though the show was only 15 minutes long, there was much work to be done. There were workshops, classes, and internships, as well as unexpected hours of painstaking labor. But this was all for visions to show the fashion’s future.

Now some general information about the Academy of Art University. This school is a privately-owned art school that is for-profit in San Francisco, California. This school was established in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens. Currently there are close to 12,600 students, 1,154 part-time teaching staff, and 283 full time teachers.

This school as appeared to be the biggest privately-owned design and art school in the U.S. It is also one of the biggest property owners in San Francisco. The main campus can be found in the South of Market district on New Montgomery Street.

The building isn’t just a school it is also an Automobile Museum as well. It is called the Academy of Art University Automobile Museum. There are 200 vintage cars, including some of the most valuable and rarest as well. There is also a sports program with nine sports including track.

Their social media can be found here.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, The Purchase Of HSBC Brazil’s Assets, And What It Meant For Bradesco And Himself

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the Chief Executive Officer of Banco Bradesco, a private financial institution larger than all other privately-owned banks than one within the borders of Brazil, its country of foundation and current operation. Although Mr. Trabuco has done innumerable great things for Bradesco’s reputation and operational welfare, the most significant transaction broadcasted in the public eye was the 2015-2016 acquisition of HSBC Holdings’ Brazilian financial institutional operations for $5.2 billion.

Mr. Trabuco more recently reported, after the deal was finalized in early 2016, that he first thought about attempting to purchase HSBC’s Brazilian assets related to banking in November of 2014. In the South American winter months of June, July, and August, Mr. Trabuco had first brought up the idea to the coworker that would have to approve the transaction prior to it getting anywhere, former CEO and current Chairman of the Board of Banco Bradesco Lazaro Brandao. He soon thereafter agreed to push it forward to HSBC Holdings’ executives for the initialization of negotiations between the two entities, which was formalized and sent to HSBC Holdings’ London-based operations in August of 2015.

After consulting and working with attorneys and fellow executives within HSBC Holdings’ ranks, the 5.2 billion United States Dollar ($ USD) deal was finalized in the first quarter of 2016. Worth approximately 16.3 Brazilian reals as of late September of 2017, the deal brought the equivalent of six strong years’ worth of organic growth to Banco Bradesco, as reported by Luiz Carlos Trabuco several months after the acquisition was finalized. As such, this made the deal highly valuable for Bradesco in terms of currency and growth, however, this reason wasn’t the only factor providing logical support for the transaction.


Mergers and acquisitions have the potential to spur sizable growth within the ranks of involved parties, just as the merger between Brazilian banking giants Banco Itau and Unibanco that occurred in 2008. Prior to finalization, Banco Bradesco was the largest bank in the entirety of Brazil, a meaningful title the financial institution it had held for decades on end. However, immediately after the transaction was finalized, the newly-minted Itau Unibanco became the largest bank in Brazil. As such, it made sense for Bradesco to promptly hop on the proverbial board as soon as possible to prevent Itau Unibanco, or any other Brazilian financial institution, for that matter, from growing larger and providing further competition against Banco Bradesco.

At the time, it was common knowledge among banking executives that HSBC Brazil was performing poorly. Therefore, it was highly possible for other banks to attempt to purchase its assets. While the $5.2 billion purchase price paid by Bradesco was significantly more than the fair market value of its assets, meaning it paid loads of goodwill – an accounting term for any compensation paid in excess of the market value of assets included in any given transaction – to close the transaction, padding the proverbial pockets of the London, England, United Kingdom-based HSBC Holdings.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has had a lengthy career, spending the entirety of his working life with Bradesco. He was born in Marilia, Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1951. He obtained his first postsecondary, bachelors-level degree from the University of Sao Paulo’s Faculty of Human Sciences, Philosophy, and Letters prior to most of his peers had even finished high school. Directly after earning this first degree with honors, Mr. Trabuco then earned another degree, this time a masters-level certificate, in Socio-Psychology. He was hired on to Bradesco’s Marilia branch in 1969 as a bank teller. After two years in this capacity, Mr. Trabuco was fortunate enough to join the ranks of its corporate headquarters in Sao Paulo.

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